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An abandoned clock tower was used as Sara Lance's hideout and Cindy Simone's home during Sara's brief stay in Star City. It was also used as a base by Team Arrow during Slade Wilson's attack on Star City, before A.R.G.U.S. destroyed it.


Sara used this as her base of operations to fight against crime as the Canary, and to protect her sister Laurel Lance from the criminals who could do her harm. When the Arrow tasked Roy Harper with finding information on a new blonde vigilante in Star City, Roy tracked down Sin Simone. When Roy confronted Sin, she fled to the hideout and knocked out Roy. Sin and Sara then interrogated him to find out if the League of Assassins sent Roy to find Sara. Later, a League member confronted Sara at the hideout to bring her back, but she quickly killed him.[1]

Sara and Sin hung out in the tower where she told Sin that she didn't want her family to know she was alive because she had changed.[2]

When the League targeted Laurel and Quentin Lance, Sara took her father to the clock tower for safekeeping. However, Al-Owal tracked them down and a fight ensued with Al-Owal getting the advantage. However, the Arrow arrived and the three of them defeated the League members. Before leaving the tower, Sara told Quentin not to tell her sister that she is alive.[3]

After Roy woke up from a coma after being used by Slade Wilson for Mirakuru blood transfusions, Roy headed east attacking people in multiple locations. After he beat up Sin, Sara told her to go home. Sin returned to the clock tower only to find Roy was there so she called Sara. Sara and Oliver arrived at the tower and confronted Roy. Roy incapacitated both of them and fled the tower. Two SCPD cops confronted him outside the tower, where Roy killed one and injured the other.[4]

The clock tower was used again when the Arrowcave was compromised. Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle used it as a base and to house the unconscious Roy Harper.[5] The tower was later destroyed when Slade's men came looking for Oliver, who was hiding in it. While Oliver and his team narrowly escaped being captured by them, Lyla Michaels launched a missile at it, destroying it and all of Slade's men inside.[6]

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