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For the continuity predecessor of the character, see Sara Lance.

"I don't start fresh. Now see, this is what you got wrong about me. Every scar on my body is a memory, a lesson that I learned in blood. And it's what makes me who I am. And I don't forget any of it."
—Sara Lance to Bishop[src]

Sara Lance (manufactured 2021) is a clone of the original Sara Lance. She was created by Bishop after Sara's death, and has all the memories, personality and skills of the original Sara. Due to her original incarnation's death, she has assumed all of her former's personal relationships and replaced her as the leader of the Legends and captain of the Waverider. She is the wife of Ava Sharpe. Also is a good friend of Zari Tarazi, Mick Rory, Nate Heywood, John Constantine, Behrad Tarazi, and Astra Logue.

After getting married to Ava and defeating Bishop, Sara and the Legends were heading back to the Waverider when another Waverider appeared and shot the ship, destroying it and leaving the Legends stranded in 1925s.[1]



Sara's clone being created.

After the real Sara Lance died from the poison caused by Amelia Earhart, Bishop took the opportunity to create a clone that had the same personality and memories of the original, so much so that she had no idea she was a clone in the first place.[2]

He also infused the clone with alien DNA to make her what he viewed as the perfect human-alien hybrid. Unlike with a previous attempt, this one was successful with no undesirable side effects.[3]

Fighting Bishop

Learning Bishop's plan and the truth

After her creation, she woke up to Nurse Ava telling her Bishop saved her life. Bishop then also enters the room, telling Sara about his grand plans for her, but Sara declines to train his new augmented human race and is locked in another room. When Nurse Ava returns to check on her vitals, Sara uses a broken TV remote, to threaten to kill her with unless she helps her escape but she tells Sara to go ahead and kill her as she's disposable. This causes Sara to let her go and lash out at her, telling her that she has a life and a soul and that Bishop can't control her.

It appears she convinced Nurse Ava quite well as she later returned with a fuel cell, ready to leave Pliny X19 with Sara. Arriving at Kayla's spaceship, Nurse Ava revealed it was a trap to lead them to the ship, as she's loyal to Bishop. When Bishop and the other Ava clones arrived, he explained that losing the specimens from the pods didn't mean that he didn't have anything to work with as the ship stored DNA of every creature kept in the pods through "data redundancy". This caused a fight to ensue, ending with Sara seemingly killing Bishop before being put to sleep with a dart. After waking up, she was back at Bishop's lair, confronted by Bishop.[4]

Sara quickly figured out that Bishop cloned himself in order to save his life, telling him he could actually have done a lot if he used his knowledge for good. Bishop then left, saying that she'll see it his way in time and that nobody was coming to save her. Back in her cell, Sara noticed Bishop was spying on her and used a sticker to cover the camera that he used to do so. She then saw Gary Green come through the toilet. Sara told Gary to find a power source for the ship and that she'd find a way out by herself.

Sara Lance's corpse.

Sara then lured Bishop to her cell and claimed that she was up to be a part of Bishop's plan and put the past behind them. At dinner, Bishop told Sara that her friend, Mick Rory, had arrived on Pliny X19 and that he was dead because Bishop dropped the artificial barrier. This caused Sara to attack him and use him to open the doors inside his lair, telling him she was going to stop him for good this time. After entering Bishop's laboratory, she found the body of the original Sara Lance.[2]

Escape and proposal

Bishop told Sara his plan of merging human and alien DNA to create the perfect human and that with her resilience, unlike Amelia Earhart, she is the perfect blue-print for his new human race. He told her he plans to create millions of alien-Sara hybrid clones and together conquer the galaxy. Sara was repulsed by this and goes to reclaim Ava Sharpe's engagement ring which is still on her dead body's finger. Bishop stopped her, taking the ring which only angered her more so he had his AVA guards detain her and take her to be incinerated.

Sara has Bishop at her mercy.

Sara fought them off but was stopped by Gary, Nurse Ava and Mick who explained they were there to save her and that the AVAs were now on her side. Mick urged them to leave but Sara insisted that she needed to stop Bishop first. Nurse Ava told her that they needed to take down all his generators at the same time to prevent a back-up from kicking in. In the process of preparing a generator for destruction, Sara cut herself and noticed the wound immediately healing. Realizing Bishop had tampered with her DNA, she went to confront him and he revealed that he merged her DNA with that of an alien. She apprehended him, refraining from killing him in order to prevent him from generating a new body and reclaimed her ring.

Not wanting to be stuck in an alien body, Sara had Nurse Ava make another clone of her that was strictly human to go home with the others. However, while in the process of printing the clone, Mick barged in and killed Bishop who started to digitally upload his consciousness to the cloud which would enable him to print a copy of himself from anywhere in the universe. Nurse Ava noted that the only way to stop him was to destroy the generators but Sara wanted to wait for her clone to be printed. With barely no time left until Bishop's upload would be complete, Mick told her to blow it up but Sara explained the situation to him, although Mick encouraged her and they left, blowing the place up.

Sara proposes to Ava.

Sara, Mick and Gary said good-bye to the AVAs who opted to stay on the planet and headed to Kayla's ship, fighting off aliens to get there. They flew the ship back and Sara was reunited with Ava on the Waverider who was overjoyed to see her. They met up with the other Legends who had travelled to London in 1977 in an attempt to stop Sara's abduction from happening in the first place. While there, Sara decided to propose to Ava, like she had planned the first time they were there. Ava said yes and they kissed as fireworks went off in the background.[3]

Back in action

Sara and the Legends in Fist City.

As Sara was back, Ava tried to give Sara the ideal morning by making her a pleasant breakfast in bed, to what Sara coudn't take anymore and told her she was a human clone/alien hybrid and asked Ava to not tell the team so things could go back to normal.

The "alien" case was in the Oklahoma Territory in 1891 in a spot called Fist City. Nate clarifies that it was the most stunning of the Wild West and the entirety of the enormous names of that time were there. Spooner's outsider ESP is going out of this world, however Ava faults it on Gary. with Sara rapidly diverts and says she needs to get take care of something.

When the Legends arrived they were weirded out since it was the gladdest spot on Earth, with Sara saying that seemed peculiar. Later Nate finds a needed banner for Bass Reeves and clarifies that Reeves is the primary Black marshall west of the Mississippi, not a crook and that the sheriff is recorded as Levi Stapleton, and Nate clarifies that Stapleton is really the lawbreaker. Later Sara went for some information about Stapleton, with him showing up at the bar and requesting that the bartender give them food and drink so they can head coming.

Later, as Stapleton and Sara go head to head in the duel, Stapleton cheats and shoots Sara toward the rear of the head a lot to the repulsiveness of the Legends. Not with standing, Sara doesn't kick the bucket with the injury very quickly mending and she continous pivoting to defy Stapleton but he continues to shoot her, however it doesn't stage her. Sara later clarifies her outsider half breed circumstance to the group and they begin attempting to figure out how to get the whistle. Thanks to Spooner and Astra they got out safely.[5]

Runaway aliens

Sara and the Legends travelled to 2023 in Vancouver upon tracking an alien there. Before leaving, they were surprised to see Mick's daughter Lita from 2023 pregnant and Sara asked Ava to stay with Mick. While the Legends were visiting the set of the comedy Bud Stuy, Sara and Spooner tried to prevent the alien from falling, but Spooner's shot missed and the cryochamber fell on Bud Stuy's set. Sara reported what happened, and they went to the set to capture the alien, but they were knocked down by the screams of the alien whom they nicknamed "Gus-Gus" and they were temporarily deaf, and they had to find another way to catch the alien and Sara chose Nate Heywood to pretend to be an actor to try to catch the alien.

Sara celebrates Behrad's birthday.

Sara accompanied Gary, and they began to suspect that Mick was planning something. Sara talked to Ava and Lita, and they realized that Mick was planning to kill Lita's boyfriend, Niko and Sara along with Lita and Gary went to stop Mick, but soon realized that Mick was only talking to him, and they were surprised when Mick said he had sex with Kayla. After completing the mission, Sara and the others threw Behrad Tarazi a surprise birthday party and were happy to see that the original Zari had returned. Sara was also surprised to find out Kayla had laid her eggs in Mick's head during their encounter, making him essentially pregnant.[6] Soon thereafter, Sara and Ava took a day off to look at wedding venues and returned to find Mick and Lita in the medbay where they were excited to see the ultrasound of Mick's alien babies.[7]

Taking risks

The Legend bowling team.

While on a mission to find an alien in Kansas, the Sara, Astra, Spooner and Mick instead came across a mysterious box which when they touched it, transported them to a mysterious floating bowling alley in space. They split up to figure out a way back and Sara found and spoke to the owner, Buddy who told her about the alien bowling team The Pin Killers who had taken over the place and how everyone who played against them payed a big prize. He asked her to help him take them down by challenging them although told her she would only get one chance and should wait until they were ready. However, at that moment Spooner arrived and revealed she had accepted a match against them in exchange for getting back to Earth if they won.

The Legends started preparing to face The Pin Killers but soon realized that although Spooner and Sara were both really skilled Mick was having issues bowling as he refused to take off his gloves and Astra refused to participate. They faced off against the team and were at a disadvantage until Sara eventually realized that to beat them they needed to relax and not think too hard about what was at stake. Sara convinced Astra to play and Spooner helped Mick find a way to play with his gloves. In the final round it all came down to Astra, their least skilled player, who needed to get a strike for them to win. With Sara's help and encouragement she did it and they celebrated their victory as the bowling alley was now open to everyone and they were joined by the rest of the Legends.[8]

Like John damaged Gideon's jump drive, the Legends and Sara had to "take the long way" back to Earth. Sara and Ava took this as an opportunity to organize their wedding. They were looking at who to invite, meanwhile the other Legends were starting to have high tensions amongst them.

The Legends and Sara playing Beast/Slayers.

The Legends and Sara playing Beast/Slayers.

Sara noticing this decided to do something to take off time and bring them together, and suggested playing Beast/Slayers. Constantine quickly got bored of the game, so he used his magic to make it more realistic. The game turned out to be horrifyingly practical, so Sara attempted to end the game by uncovering herself as the monster just to be killed by another mysterious being.

Thanks to Zari killing the monster all the legends got out to a not so pleasant surprise of Kayla and Bishop crashing the Waverider.[9]

The return of Bishop

After getting out of the game, Sara found Bishop on the Waverider thanks to Kayla downloading him from the cloud to a clone. He guaranteed he was simply the last form as his information was debased so on the off chance that she kills him, that he would die with no more clones after him. He started saying he had changed and offered to demonstrate it to her. Sara placed him onto the control cell leaving Spooner responsible for guarding him.

Sara disclosed to Ava and Nate that six percent of Bishop is missing in light of the fact that the transfer wasn't done before they annihilated his compound. After Ava talked with Bishop, Sara and Ava talked on how Bishop saw them more as a family and to what Sara says that is his point, yet Ava differs and discloses to her it's not generally about her.

Sara sees Bishop.

Sara sees Bishop.

Sara later apologized to Ava, about their earlier talk about Bishop and about arranging the wedding. Ava clarified that she has no clue about how she should feel since she has never had a family to cherish her. Later as the Legends understood that the entirety of the thoughts Bishop recommended are actually what Sara would have picked, Ava undersstood that the missing six percent of Bishop had been supplanted with Sara and he abrogated the Waverider.

Sara and the Legends try to trick Kayla.

While Bishop was heading to Mick, Sara went to fight Bishop, just to get shooted by him. He got into the room as Mick was about give birth and started helping him taking the eggs out of his head.[10] They later learned Bishop was working with John. At Constantine's home, the remainder of the group and Sara were attempting to sort out some way to stop John and to help Mick with his eggs. They chose to contact Kayla and to post a photograph of Mick with counterfeit eggs and label Kayla in it to bait her there. It took a little, however the arrangement worked and Kayla appeared. The Legends and Sara later fill her in on the circumstances. Kayla hesitantly collaborates with them to save the eggs and took the Legends to Texas 1925 and they found the Waverider. Once they got on the Waverider again, Bishop made a distraction by putting a bomb next to Mick's eggs and detonated it.[11]

The Zaguron invasion

After the bomb exploded, the Legends were succesful on saving Mick's eggs. Behrad later came back from his time with his parents wondering what happened, once they were all together, they saw a sad Zari getting on the ship announcing John has died.

The Legends about to fight the Zagurons.

After all the sad news they went to visit Gloria's house to check on Esperanza, to what a madness started with Zagurons pods arriving everywhere near. Ava, Nate and Sara went to check on the pods, and told Ava to marry her right now before the attack.

After getting on the Waverider, Behrad started telling the Legends, John was inside the fungus, later when Sara was looking at it, John told her to eat a bit of eat, and entered a some sort of place where John and Sara talked. Zari later helped Sara get ready for the wedding.

Sara using Astra's magic.

Just when Sara and Ava were about to get married, Bishop arrived and the Zagurons escaped from their pods. All of the Legends prepared for a fight, but retreated to Gloria's house after noticing how many Zagurons there were. While they were fighting the aliens, Behrad was attacked by an alien and Sara told Zari they would have to cut his arm for him to survive, but Zari told Sara to not touch him. When Spooner told them to stop fighting, she used powers she didn't know she had to temporarily give Behrad Sara's regeneration power. Later Spooner used it on other Legends, giving Sara, Astra's magic. After Sara and Ava said their "I do's", the Fountain of Imperium awoke and killed all of the Zagurons. The Legends came out the house, to where Bishop was, with Sara telling him to give up, but just then Mick and Kayla's eggs started hatching, killing Bishop.[1]

Mick's farewell

Mick and Sara taking about old adventures.

Mick and Sara taking about old adventures.

The next day, Mick talked to Sara about the past adventures they had, and they thought about the first time they got on the Waverider, and they would have traveled to this moment with all the changes that occurred. Mick congratulated Sara on her duty as team captain and announced that he would be leaving the Legends to start a family with Kayla. Sara handed Mick flowers wishing him luck when he married Kayla, and Mick thanked Sara for everything and had one last drink with Sara before heading back to 2021.[1]

Stranded in 1925

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Sara is a smart individual, a leader who is good at making plans, as seen when she told Gary Green what to do in order to try and escape Pliny X19 as well as creating a plan in order to mislead Bishop and try to escape his clutches by herself.[2]

Sara is also a sentimental and scarred person. A lot of bad things have happened to her, but she doesn't forget these things. She learns from them, remembering these lessons for the rest of her life.[2]

Powers and abilities


—Levi Stapleton[src]

  • Human-alien hybrid physiology: When she was cloned by Bishop, he merged her DNA with that of an alien (with Gary Green suspecting that the alien species she's become a hybrid of may be a Wafter)[5] in an attempt to make her "the perfect human." This caused her to gain alien-like abilities,[3] like the way Bishop did with Amelia Earhart,[2] but successfully.
    • Regeneration: While trying to get off Pliny X19, Sara was injured but the wound healed up immediately, making her discover that she had the power to regenerate.[3] Sara was able to survive getting shot through the head and regenerate in a matter of seconds.[5] Sara also healed herself after being shot by Bishop, who had been using Spooner's gun.[10]

Former powers

  • Magic: During the Legends' battle against Bishop's Zaguron army in 1925, Spooner briefly transferred Sara's healing powers to Astra to enable the latter to recover after being poisoned by a Zaguron during the fight. When Astra was given Sara's powers, Sara gained access to Astra's abilities as a sorceress, which Sara briefly utilized while going up against the aliens.[1]


  • Peak of human physical condition: According to Gary, Sara was a candidate for cloning due to being "the quintessential human." Hence, her cloned self retained her physicality but none of her scars. She is very strong, enough to snap a fully grown man's neck.[4] She is also athletic, being a talented bowler.[8]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Sara is an exceptional combatant, as she retained all of her training and skills her original self had. She took down numerous, highly-trained Ava clones and Bishop in a short amount of time, snapping his neck,[4] and then she later beat him to near-death in their second fight, to the point he chose to kill himself to reincarnate in an intact clone, rather than tolerate the damage.[2][3] Sara's fighting style consists of Aikido, Boxing, Bojutsu, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Escrima, Wrestling, Kung Fu, Karate, Hapkido, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, Savate, Tae Kwon Do and Wing Chun.
    • Weapons proficiency: Sara is masterful in a variety of weapons, having retained her skills and abilities as taught by the League of Assassins. She is also skilled with identifying and using improvised weapons, such as part of a broken TV remote to threaten Nurse Ava[4] and a wine glass to knock out Bishop.[2]
  • Expert markswoman: Sara is accomplished in the use of firearms, claiming to having never lost a shoot-out before her duel with Levi Stapleton. She was able to use a revolver to shoot a whistle from his hand.[5]
  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Sara is very intelligent, just like her original self was. She was able to quickly deduce that Bishop was cheating death using clones. Sara was also able to credibly feign loyalty and enthusiasm to make Bishop free her from her room.[2] She has retained the entirety of her original self's training, experience and knowledge, including (but not limited to) strategy, driving/piloting, thieving, interrogation/torture, medicine, toxicology, and various languages.


  • Waverider: After returning to Earth, Sara reclaimed her position as captain of the Waverider.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow


  • Because Bishop cloned her, it's unknown what alien hybrid Sara is.
  • Sara has all the original Sara memories and a part of Bishop inside of her.