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"Do you realize how foolish it is to think God gave you this power? This is about your glory, not God's."
—Sarah to Zachary[src]

Sarah is the sister of Zachary.


Sarah at the congregation

Sarah was in awe of the miracles at congregation.

With Sarah's brother taking over as Pastor after her recently deceased father, she found herself being shocked after a venomous snake bit her brother while he was attempting one of the rituals of their late father, her brother gained the ability to heal wounds and sickness temporarily after the snakebite. After Sarah told Zachary that he should stop what he's doing due to it being ungodly, coming from a source he did not understand but saw as "penance" for his previous sins, Zachary got angry and banned her from the church. After he saw the truth of his actions thanks to the help of John Constantine, barely surviving an attack of the ghouls, Zachary asked Sarah to come back for the church, for him to make amends. She was present at his next preaching.[1]


Sarah is very supportive of her brother, helping him to run the church, she is awed by the first miracles he produced with the angel feather, but became suspicious after the report of Nate Byars becoming a suspect for the murder of a police officer, she confronted Zachary with the truth and refused his magic's help to deal with her own sickness. She was ready to come back and forgive Zachary when he decided to make amends with his church visitors.[1]




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