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"I just felt trapped. By this town, by this family. Everything was getting so bad, and I just never saw myself escaping. It's like the only future that I saw for myself was a life that I didn't want."
—Sarah talking to her mother about her suicide attempt[src]

Sarah Cushing is a resident of Smallville. She is also the daughter of Kyle Cushing and Lana Lang Cushing, the older sister of Sophie Cushing, the ex-girlfriend of Sean Smith, and the girlfriend of Jordan Kent.


Early life

Sarah was born to Lana Lang and Kyle Cushing, and she has a younger sister, named Sophie Cushing. She was raised in Smallville. When Sarah was a child, Sarah befriended Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent when they stayed with their grandmother, Martha Kent one summer.

When Sarah was around 13, her mother, Lana became so overbearing towards her, that Sarah was terrified that she would become exactly like the latter; to the point that she tried to commit suicide with an overdose of Lana's pills, but she survived. Following the incident, she began seeing Dr. Lawrence at her mother's request.[1]

At some point, Sarah started dating Sean Smith.[2]

Return of the Kent family

The Cushing family goes to the wake.

When Martha Kent died, Sarah went to the funeral with her family. There, she met Jonathan and Jordan Kent again. Sarah said she was sorry for their loss. When her parents left, they talked about the summer they met. Then Sarah asked what had in the Kent farm barn, so the twins accompanied her there. While in the barn, Sarah said that almost anything there could kill them and that Smallville sucks.

Jonathan and Jordan take Sarah to the barn.

Sarah then asks for a phone number from one of them, Jonathan thinks it's his but actually Jordan's. She then picks up the phone and says that there will be a bonfire tomorrow and he can go. Jordan tries to impress Sarah by climbing on the scaffold without a ladder to reach the router, but he falls hard on the ground when the straps that hold the steel beams are broken. Jonathan then tries to save his brother from the steel beams by jumping in front of him. So Sarah runs off and tells Clark.

Jordan kisses Sarah.

At night, Sarah goes on a bonfire with her boyfriend. There, she meets Jordan. She told him about her own mental health struggles. While they talk, Jordan's attraction to her becomes overwhelming and he kisses her passionately. Sarah reveals that she has a boyfriend, just as he appears to fight. She tries to stop the fight but Sean's friends show up and beat Jordan and his brother. Then suddenly the fire explodes. So Sarah's father is called to put out the fire. The next morning, Sarah goes to the Kent farm to see how the twins are doing. They talk about what happened the night before and later she gets in the car and leaves.[2]

The next morning, Sarah meets Jon and asks where Jordan is, and he says he didn't go today because he is sick. Sean and his friends see them talking and enter the conversation to intimidate Jon, Sarah then apologizes and goes with them. Sarah was with her sister when Morgan Edge arrived in the city meeting. When Sophie painted her nails in her home, she meet the twins. After talking, Sarah took Soph to the barbecue.[3]

Smallville cheerleaders.

Sarah left the cheerleading squad at school after arguing with her mother in the middle of training. Later, Sarah met Jordan and Jonathan Kent at Victoria May's. They talked until Lana arrived and took her away. Sarah questioned her mother for denying and hiding her family's problems instead of facing them before leaving. That same night, Sarah reconciled with her mother and reassured her, saying that she would not try to commit suicide again.[1]

Sarah and Jordan at Corey Wellnitz's lake house.

After the crows' football game, Sarah went with her friends to a party at Corey Wellnitz' lake house.[4]

The next day, Sarah invited Jordan to go with her to the Smallville Harvest Festival, which he agreed to. That night, her father came home drunk after one of his firefighters was injured during a fire. Sarah briefly agreed to stay to look after him, but rejected Kyle's attempts to bond with her and went to the festival.

At the Festival, Sarah and Jordan were creating a relationship, but the moment was ruined when Jonathan, Timmy Ryan and another boy arrived drunk and mocking the two. Disgusted by their behavior, Sarah left furiously. The next day, Sarah told Jordan that she was not ready to have another relationship at the moment, but she wanted them to remain friends and he agreed.[5]

Weirdness in Smallville

Getting Kidnapped

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Sarah was at her house when someone knocked on the door; she opened it and saw it was Tag Harris, who she thought had left town. Tag wanted to talk to her, but he lost control of his powers and scared her, so he accidentally knocked her unconscious when she tried to run away from him. Tag kidnapped Sarah and took her to his hideout in Metropolis. He told her about how he gained superpowers and showed her a video of the night the bonfire exploded. Sara was later saved by Superman.[6]

The musical revue

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At school, Sarah finds Jon and asks about Jordan. She was being cold to him because she knew the Kents were hiding something from her. Jon told her that Jordan had been injured by Tag and was suffering from headaches.[7]

Hate towards the Cushings

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Relationship with Jordan

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Sarah is a good-natured girl, a caring and responsible older sister, and a supportive friend to Jon and Jordan, often attending their football games to cheer them on. She shows compassion and understanding toward Jordan's mental health struggles, though is guarded about her own depression and suicide attempt. She appears introverted, as she doesn't have many friends besides Jon and Jordan.

Sarah is honest about dysfunction within her family, such as her parents, Kyle Cushing and Lana Lang's marital problems, her father's drinking and self-pitying ways, and Sophie bullying her classmates, calling her mother "full of crap" for being in denial about these problems. She does still love her parents, as seen when she offers to skip a major football game to babysit Sophie so they can have a night out.

After reconnecting with Jordan, Sarah chose to dump Sean and date her childhood friend instead; since he always cared for her.


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Behind the scenes

  • The subplot of Jordan keeping his super abilities a secret from Sarah is reminiscent of Clark Kent and Lana Lang's long problematic relationship in Smallville, where Clark refused to tell Lana the truth about his Kryptonian nature for years.