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Sarah Neal is a woman who resided in Salvation in 1871. She was the mother of H.G. Wells.


Prior to 1871, Sarah's son, Bertie, came down with tuberculosis and was in and out of sickness. Sarah took his doctor's advice to have a constitutional and brought her son to the American West, a place Bertie had always wanted to see, and settled in the town of Salvation.

In 1871, the Legends arrived to Salvation. Martin Stein learned from Sarah that her son had tuberculosis and was likely to die within the next day or two. Martin couldn't stand by while Bertie was dying so Martin took futuristic medicine out of the Waverider and gave it to Bertie, later making Sarah promise to burn any evidence of the medicine so as to not damage the timeline. After the Legends fought off the Hunters, Sarah couldn't understand what took place in the town. Martin encouraged her not to tell anyone else what happened before bidding his goodbye to Sarah and Bertie.[1]


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Behind the scenes[]

  • Historically, Sarah Neal was a former domestic servant, and the mother of Herbert George "H.G." Wells, a famous science-fiction writer.