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"Sargon the Sorcerer" is an otherwise unnamed criminal and sorcerer who formerly operated in Star City.


"Come on, man; Beebo? Is nothing sacred?"
"You know, it was a smart move; distracting all the fuzz with giant fuzz, but someone should've told you—
Beebo? He's off limits.'"
The Flash and White Canary confront Sargon[src]

In January 2020, Sargon created a giant Beebo from a magical substance to act as a distraction for him to rob a bank, but was discovered by the Flash and White Canary, who knocked him out and presumably sent him to prison.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Magic: As a sorcerer, Sargon is well-versed in the mystic arts.[1]
    • Magical substance animation: Sargon can animate and sculpt a magical liquid substance into whatever he desires, such as a giant Beebo.[1]


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