Saturnians are a humanoid species from the planet Saturn, using Saturnian as their native language. They are known for their psychic powers and heightened strength.


While not much is known about Saturnians, one was jailed on Fort Rozz and became a prisoner of the D.E.O..[1]

Physical appearance

Saturnians are typically taller than ordinary humans, have dark red skin, and lack hair.[1]

Powers and abilities


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  • Telepathy: Not only can Saturnians read minds, they can also control minds and manipulate them, they are quite powerful, Green Martians like J'onn J'onzz are able to withstand their psychic strength. They are easily able to manipulate the minds and brains of humans.[1]
    • Mind control: As shown by Jemm, Saturnians have the ability to control the minds of others and control their actions. For example, when Donovan attempted to attack Jemm, he had took control of his mind and as Donovan, he told Alex he was alright, although in reality, he was being controlled.[1]

Known Saturnians



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