Saved by The Flash, formerly called The Streak Lives, is a blog created by Iris West to document sightings of "The Flash" and other meta-humans.


Iris West created the blog because she wanted to inspire people by showing the heroic acts of the mysterious speedster protecting Central City. It was eventually renamed to "Saved by The Flash".

Iris West discontinued the blog after "Flash Day", and would later resign journalism altogether in favor of her membership on Team Flash after her experiences with Savitar.[1]

During her brief tenure as The Flash after an encounter with Melting Point, Iris realized she missed being a journalist and decided to resume her blog.[1]

Iris decided to research about Clifford DeVoe in order to write several articles to expose his murders and plans to the city. Barry was skeptical at first, but finally decided to support the publishing of the articles. The article was seen by many, who reported sightings of DeVoe to Team Flash.[2] Mayor Van Buren read the articles and allowed Captain Captain Singh to reinstate Barry, who had been incriminated by DeVoe of the latter's murder, as a CSI.[3]


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