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"I'm saying that there is a man who killed Darhk in cold blood. And that same man stood on top of a car and gave the city its hope back. What you're feeling isn't darkness, it's a schism. You're at war with two sides of yourself."
Felicity Smoak to Oliver Queen

"Schism" is the twenty-third and final episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the ninety-second episode overall. It aired on May 25, 2016.



The scene opens with Darhk threatening to slaughter Donna if Felicity doesn't assist him with Rubicon, yet Team Arrow upsets him. A firefight breaks out between Team Arrow and a few Ghosts, and Darhk is going to target Felicity again when Oliver comes to get down to business with him. Darhk is showing signs of improvement of Oliver when Thea comes in with a bolt to Darhk's girl's throat. Darhk releases Oliver, takes his little girl and Felicity's PC, and makes his departure. In the tussle, Curtis is harmed and they take him to the Lair, where Felicity begins attempting to make sense of how to close down Rubicon.

On the island, a portion of the exiles are getting away on a plane, however Reiter explodes it in midair with his enchantment to benefit from the passings.

In the Lair, Felicity tracks her PC to a place of business downtown, and the group advances there to search for it. They show up to find that the GPS tracker is on a gathering table, not joined to the PC — and that 15,000 rockets are presently noticeable all around, with around two hours to stop them all.

Felicity sees that there's one rocket specifically focused on Star City, which will show up in a short time.

On Lian Yu, Reiter attempts to take Taiana's enchantment and begins to crumple. Oliver exploits his being occupied to wound him, apparently to death.

At the nest, Diggle and Felicity are attempting clearing conventions. ARGUS, in the interim, is sending powers into City Hall and Oliver doesn't care for the thought.

At City Hall, Darhk's little girl is frightened of his sanctuary, and misses her mother. Darhk guarantees her that it's only somewhat longer before they'll see her.

A gathering of ARGUS fighters advance into the space to go head to head with Darhk. In the Lair, Team Arrow tunes in to them all being butchered over the radio, and afterward themselves are raged by military.

Phantoms shoot up the spot while Team Arrow jumps without hesitation. After an extensive battle scene, the Ghosts are al dead, in spite of Diggle nearly freezing more than one when he had a dream of murdering his sibling. The group gets a little assistance en route from Merlyn.

On Lian Yu, Taiana is losing her psyche and tossing Oliver around with her enchantment. He figures out how to talk her back to mental stability while she gags him, yet she's despite everything battling the enchantment's impacts at the forefront of her thoughts. She says there's just a single path around it, and that he needs to slaughter her.

At the point when Oliver begins to have self-question, he gets a buck-up discourse from Felicity — however it doesn't work. Oliver inquires as to whether they hadn't return, if Laurel would at present be alive. Curtis lurches to them and says that he needs to give some expectation. He discloses to Oliver that rational individuals don't prefer to live in Star City, yet that the Green Arrow enlivened them to remain. He says the Green Arrow gave him expectation and motivation, and that he can give the equivalent to others now disregarding the frenzy in the boulevards.

In the avenues of Star City, Oliver gets up on head of a taxi — as Oliver, not Green Arrow — and attempts to mobilize the city to have trust. he cites Curtis to the group, On TV and the radio, Oliver motivates each and every individual who hears him to join together.

The rocket is noticeable all around over the city, where Curtis and Felicity figure out how to utilize an infrared sign to persuade the rocket that it has just exploded, diverting it out of the city.

Felity and Curtis have utilized their IR access to the nuke to follow the sign back to Cooper where he's controlling Rubicon, and Team Arrow gets ready to separate, with some of them going to Cooper and some to City Hall. Squirm is remaining behind with Lyla.

On Lian Yu, Oliver hesitantly consents to murder Taiana, promising her that he won't overlook his guarantee to go to Russia for her and afterward snapping her neck. Two of her companions come up behind him with firearms, offended.

At the Lair, Lyla goes up against Diggle, asking whether it was Andy that made him freeze. He at long last concedes that it wasn't generally self-preservation when he slaughtered Andy — that it was a reaction to Andy threatening the family. She reveals to him that he did what he needed to do in the mist of war, however Diggle says it isn't excessively straightforward.

At City Hall, Oliver goes up against Darhk, who tells his little girl that Green Arrow came there to bite the dust.

In the roads outside City Hall, Oliver is passed up Darhk's enchantment. Darhk punches him over the road, bantering.

Class of Assassins individuals take out Ghosts to make a way for Felicity to stop Cooper.

In the roads, Darhk is tossing Oliver around when a gathering of individuals on the road begin yelling at him and tossing things at him. He turns on them, utilizing his enchantment to push the group back, He reveals to Oliver that he needs to scrub humankind, yet Oliver discloses to him that he won't win.

Darhk turns on him, asking how Oliver intends to stop him, and Ollie says that it won't simply be him, yet the individuals in the group, as well. They stand and rally around him, and their confidence debilitates Darhk's enchantment enough that Oliver figures out how to cut him with a bolt. The two prepare to battle hand-to-hand, with Darhk reminding Oliver that he used to be in the League of Assassins.

Cooper has been shot by Darhk, who has been utilizing his enchantment to draw the projectile nearer and closer to his heart to extort him into utilizing Rubicon. Felicity discloses to him that he's better than this and he can even now be the man she cherished. She discloses to him that seven years back they generally needed to spare the world, and now is his opportunity.

Cooper hands over the console to her, and Darhk feels the move in his will, and executes him remotely. Felicity discloses to him she's heartbroken and starts chipping away at Rubicon. Oliver and Darhk keep on battling, with Darhk beginning to get the high ground until Team Arrow appears at hold firearms on him. A gathering of Ghosts comes to join the quarrel, and it's the individuals of Star City and Team Arrow versus the Ghosts.

Felicity is at a misfortune on the best way to stop the rockets, yet Curtis has a thought she thinks will work. In the fight, Darhk get this hands on Oliver's bow and shoots a bolt into Oliver's chest. He's ensured by his protective layer, and when Quentin and Diggle appear, Oliver advises them to deal with the Ghosts so he can deal with Darhk. In the fracas, the two exchange blows, Oliver at last sticks a bolt into Darhk's heart, executing him, notwithstanding Darhk's cases that Oliver wouldn't do it since he permitted Slade Wilson to live.

Back at the Lair, Lance uncovers that he's been terminated from the police office, so he and Donna are moving away for some time. He expresses gratitude toward Oliver for getting equity and conclusion for Laurel, and leaves.

Next, Thea says she anticipates leaving, as well, to go get herself. Where she took steps to execute a young lady was the place she understood how disillusioned Laurel would be with her in the event that she were alive. She is sorry to Oliver for needing to get out, yet he reveals to her she never needs to apologize to him.

Felicity leaves the room, giving Diggle time to disclose to Oliver that he's leaving town as well.

On the island, Oliver informs the men regarding to shoot him that Taiana beseeched him to slaughter her. They're disturbed about the plane, however Oliver reveals to them that there's another way off the island. He calls Amanda Waller. She says the purpose of this was to give him that occasionally the best way to have equity is to slaughter for it. She gives him a container of apparatus and extends to him an employment opportunity, however he turns her down, saying that he has a promise to keep.

At Laurel's grave, Oliver discloses to Laurel that he realizes she wouldn't have loved him murdering Darhk, yet she was superior to him, and that is the thing that he cherished about her. Felicity comes up behind him and attempts to comfort him, making a superior showing of it this time. She reveals to him that he isn't feeling murkiness within himself however the war between his obscurity and light. Oliver gets a call from the top of the city committee, drafting him to be interval chairman of Star City.

Outside of town, Lance is pushing Donna away from Star City; at home, Thea is perusing; at their own home, Diggle is in his military dress uniform, gathering a pack with a photograph of his family. Lyla comes up to him and he kisses Sara and Lyla farewell.

At the Lair, Oliver strolls through the jumble of the spot and gazes at the ensembles hanging tight for individuals who won't return for them, his eyes at long last laying on his own when Felicity comes in. She lets him know there's zero chance she's leaving.


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Preparation ran from March 30 until April 7, 2016. Shooting ran from April 8 until April 19, 2016.



  • During the final showdown between Green Arrow and Darhk, a cameraman can be seen close to the camera filming towards the viewers' point of view.
  • Felicity says that the closest ICBM was headed to Star City from Warren Air Force Base in Colorado. If she is referring to Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, it is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming and not Colorado.
  • While Oliver is giving his speech on top of the taxi, one can see a Canadian flag flying from the facade of a building. This is a giveaway to the show being filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia even though in-universe, Star City is in Washington.[1]
  • Oliver's elected mayor in 2016, even though this is a year during which presidential elections would be held. Mayoral elections actually take place as part of mid-term elections, which would've last occurred in 2014 and wouldn't happen again until 2018.
    • It's possible that a mayor of Star City holds office for only two years; a four-year mayoral term is more common in the real world, though term lengths may vary from one city to another.[2]