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"You want to know what I think about the most? Let me set the scene for you. It's the night Dad finally snapped. And I'm sitting in the police station, freezing cold, because I'm in my pajamas. When the police came and picked me up from home. I was asleep. Remember? In bed. Alone. And the nice officer, he drapes the coat over my shoulders. I feel a little better. So I'm sitting there, and my cold little feet are dangling in air, and I'm waiting. I'm waiting for my mom to pick me up. 'Cause they said that they called you. Yeah. Yeah, they said it was just gonna be an 'hour' and then they'd explain 'everything'. And then it was two hours. And the it was the next morning... When I lie in bed at night, staring up at the ceiling, unable to sleep, I'm not wondering my dad, finally, suddenly, snapped. No, that doesn't haunt me. What haunts me is you. You, who left me, when I needed you the most. With no explanation, no goodbye."
Winn Schott confronts Mary McGowan over the past

"Schott Through the Heart" is the fourteenth episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the fifty-sixth episode overall. It aired on April 16, 2018.




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The episode begins as Kara is talking with the rest of Team Supergirl. She's giving them a motivational speech before grabbing a microphone from Winn, attempting to get them hyped for karaoke night.

James and Mon-El are talking at the bar. Mon-El asks whether James is seeing anyone, who acts ignorant and forgets about the question.

Alex persuades J'onn and his dad to have a house-warming gathering.

Winn heads to the stage and is going to sing his melody when a news report runs over the TV that uncovers that Winslow Schott Sr. — the Toyman — was discovered dead in his prison cell.

The group accumulates at Winn's dad's memorial service. Winn's mother appears, and she and Winn start arguing. We discover they're repelled and haven't seen each other in some time. Kara hears a "jack in the box" sound and understands that Winn's father fixed his coffin with a bomb.

The group comes back to the DEO, and Kara questions Winn on whether his dad is actually dead. Winn tells the group that he twofold and significantly increased checked with more than one clinical analyst.

J'onn orders a further examination on the unstable buildup to check whether someone had been working with Winn's father.

Mon-El at long last gets an opportunity to talk with Kara. He pulls her aside and reveals to Kara that Imra and Brainiac 5 deceived him about the Legion's actual plan.

Winn's mother pulls him aside to address him. Winn's mother uncovers that the explanation she went 20 years without conversing with Winn was that Winn's dad threatened to kill Winn if she talked with her child. Winn doesn't trust her story. Their discussion is hindered when there's an uproar outside.

The gathering glances out the window to see flying monkey toys outside spelling a message that peruses "Give up MARY."

The monkeys at that point break the window and enter the DEO and disorder follows. Kara starts seeking after the biggest monkey, in the end ready to demolish it with a light post. Kara comes back to the DEO and rapidly annihilates the remainder of the monkeys.

Alex is at J'onn's loft eating with him and his dad.

James is taking to Winn as they tidy up the DEO. Winn wishes his mom would simply disregard him, however James makes reference to that his mom was directly about someone working with Winn's father.

Kara's conversing with Winn's mother, who says she wishes that Winn would simply let her reveal to him how glad she is.

Alex is addressing M'yrnn, who has seemed to overlook he has his own granddaughters. M'yrnn reveals to Alex that he's experiencing dementia and will not educate J'onn concerning it. The two battle, and M'yrnn orders Alex to leave.

Winn's looking at one of the messed up monkeys when his mother enters the lab and starts helping her child, causing Winn a deep sense of embarrassment. Winn's mom clarifies Winn's dad's injurious propensities, and Winn apologizes for misconception.

J'onn approaches Alex about leaving supper early. Alex makes reference to that he needs to converse with M'yrnn, in light of the fact that she won't mention to him what's up.

Winn's mom continues inspecting the monkey and finds an image she perceives. She discloses to Winn that she needs to rest, acting ignorant on what she found. She leaves the DEO and goes to a stockroom, where a lady is dealing with certain mechanics. Winn's mom inquires as to why the lady abhors her and Winn, and the lady traps Winn's mom in one of her toys.

The gathering is in the DEO when the new toy woman hacks the screen and uncovers to them she has caught Winn's mom. Kara, James, Mon-El, and Winn suit up to go salvage her. We discover the lady was Toyman's student.

The crew shows up at the stockroom and is quickly trapped by a wide range of touchy toys. They fend off a great many assaults when Kara parts from the gathering to attempt to discover Toyman 2.0. She's about in a split second encased in an actual existence size activity figure case that is impervious to her laser vision. Mon-El discovers her as she almost chokes, and he liberates her from the case.

Winn runs in to safeguard his mother yet is halted at gunpoint by the woman toymaker. Winn's uses a remote-controlled monkey he reinvented to stop her. After a short battle, the Schott's take her out.

After things settle down, the gathering goes out for a beverage at a similar karaoke bar. Mon-El and Kara proceed with their discussion prior when Kara makes some noise and discloses to her previous sweetheart that she can't be the one to help Mon-El with his relationship issues.

He uncovers he wasn't going to converse with her about Imra. Or maybe, the genuine explanation the Legion arrived at National City was to stop the third Worldkiller, Pestilence, before she evolves into Blight in 1,000 years.

M'yrnn approaches J'onn about his condition. He uncovers to his child that he's been experiencing dementia.

Winn and his mother are singing A-ha's "Take On Me" when J'onn strolls in the bar noticeably irritated. Alex in a split second strolls over to him to comfort him.

James' telephone rings, and it's at long last Lena getting back to back. She reveals to James she's been chipping away at an undertaking day and night, and we see that Lena has Sam restricted to a clinic bed in a dugout some place.


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  • While recounting the supposed story of traveling to Disneyland, Winn uses the redundant phrase "A.M. in the morning."
  • When M'yrnn first starts on his mac and cheese, he has something green on his fork. When the camera shifts, showing him again, he has something red on his fork instead.
  • When Mon-El and Kara are talking at the bar, the position of Mon-El's bottle changes position with almost every shot, from in his hand, on the bar's countertop, and the distance between the bottles on the bar counter also changes.
  • After finding a lead to the copycat Toyman, Mary obtains a gun from the armory and leaves to follow it on her own. For such a top-secret, secure government agency like the D.E.O., it's highly unlikely that a civilian would not only know where the armory is, but be able to access it.