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The Scimitar suit is the protective suit used by Tobias Church's bodyguard and assassin for hire, known only as Scimitar. The suit includes a mask with a voice modulator, allowing Scimitar to conceal his identity, as well as an array of weapons: swords, knives and firearms, all safely hidden in sheathes located all over the suit.


Scimitar wore a protective suit of armor to hide his identity from his victims. It was a tactical suit of body armor, eerily similar to that of Deathstroke. The suit was predominantly black, but also adds blue and red protective plates and composite fiberglass, which overlap the feet, shins, forearms, chest and shoulders. There are various equipment pockets on the costume, and additional ammunition strapped on to the chest. In addition, the suit could house all of the assassin's primary weapons; there are sheathes on the back for his two swords, a holster for his pistol, sheathes for the throwing daggers. It's unknown whether the suit prevented his death from Christopher Chance's machine gun fire or not.[1]


At some point of time, Scimitar either created, or somehow obtained this suit, concealing his identity as an assassin. He arrived wearing the suit to protect Tobias Church from "Prometheus". Despite getting called "a freak" by Tobias for wearing the mas, Scimitar kept his cool, only asking why isn't he attacking his supposed target, Green Arrow, with the assassin's voice greatly altered through the mask's voice modulator. Scimitar later made use of his suit's sheathes for the throwing daggers when he disarmed Oliver Queen's guard, before quickly grabbing the gun and shooting the man himself, not knowing that it was actually the Human Target. Scimitar wore the suit to a meeting of Tobias Church's allies, using its defensive capabilities to successfully battle Team Arrow, getting two swords from the sheathes on his back. Although beating the vigilantes, Scimitar was once again outsmarted by Christopher Chance, who shot him down, disguised as a gangster. It's unknown whether the suit protected its user from death or not.[1]




  • Identity concealment: Scimitar used a customized mask to conceal his identity and stay anonymous.
  • Intimidation: Fitting in with his hired assassin trade, Scimitar's suit functions well for intimidation purposes due to its faceless appearance.
  • Force resistance: Scimitar suit is designed to be resistant to extreme physical forces.
  • Scabbards: The suit has a set of scabbards that Scimitar uses to hold his blades.
  • Personal armor: Scimitar suit is outfitted for protection in battle and during his assassination missions.
    • Kevlar: The suit is lined with kevlar to prevent gunshots wounds to the user.
    • Protective plates: The suit's plate protects Scimitar in close combat.
    • Fiberglass: Used in Scimitar's helmet and other protective gear.

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