Scorcher is an Infernian extremist in National City. She attempted to assassinate President Olivia Marsdin in opposition to the Alien Amnesty Act, but failed.


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Powers and abilities


  • Infernian physiology: Like every Infernian, Scorcher has special abilities.
    • Pyrokinesis: Scorcher is able to manipulate fire.
      • Pyrogenesis: Scorcher is able to generate fire from her body, which she can form into fireballs. She can also produce enough heat to cause solar-powered kryptonians mild pain.
        • Heat vision: Scorcher is able to shoot concentrated fiery beams out of her eyes, which could be strong enough to physically repel a Kryptonian.
    • Super strength: Scorcher possesses sufficient strength to put up a fight against solar-powered kryptonians, however is not quite as strong as them.
    • Super durability: Scorcher is more durable than humans, able to withstand repetitive hits from several sources. However, she is not bulletproof and can be knocked down even by humans with enough force. Scorcher is also heat and fireproof.



Season 2


  • After Mercy Graves revealed Olivia Marsdin to be an alien, the latter was forced to resign and the Alien Amnesty Act subsequently came under fire. Thus, given Scorcher's belief of the president being a hypocrite and humans inherently fearing aliens, it's possible her "assassination" attempt was actually a gambit to expose Olivia's true identity.

Behind the scenes

  • There are several characters, mostly super-villains, with the name Scorcher in the DC comics, though only three are female and are related to the element of fire:
    • Cynthia Brand debuted in Scare Tactics #3 (February, 1997) and was created by Len Kaminski and Anthony Williams.
    • An unnamed woman, who was a member of the super-villain team known as Dark Nemesis, debuted in Teen Titans vol. 2, #7 (April, 1997). The character was created by Dan Jurgens and George Pérez.
    • Aubrey Sparks (also known as Scorch) debuted in Superman vol. 2 #160 (September, 2000) and was created by John DeMatteis and Mike Miller.
  • Scorcher resembles in appearance another super-villain and enemy of Superman from the DC universe, Claire Selton a.k.a. Volcana. The character first appeared in Superman: The Animated Series, in the episode "Where There's Smoke", voiced by Peri Gilpin. Besides from the similar skillset, both characters have red hair and wear clothes with color themes of different variations of red.
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