"But before he was on the inside, he was running with a group called the Scorpions in The Glades."
Felicity Smoak[src]

The Scorpions was an organized crime group operating out of the Glades in Star City.


Formed at some point prior to 2017, the Scorpions operated in the Glades of Star City, with John Diggle being aware of their activities.[1]

Ricardo Diaz was a member of the Scorpions prior to 2017 before he started operating on his own. Later, Diaz killed all members of The Scorpions with the Quadrant's help to eliminate competition to take over Star City.[2]

Known members

Former members



Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • Although there are no gangs named the Scorpions in the DC comics, Scorpion is a common nickname used by a plethora of one-off, mostly unrelated super-villains.


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