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"Iris, you're a smart woman. You can't be that naive. We live in a city full of meta-humans who continually do whatever they want, The Flash included. Write it up, his journey from streak to freak, due on my desk tomorrow."
—Scott Evans to Iris West[src]

Scott Evans is the editor-in-chief of Central City Picture News, replacing the late Eric Larkin.


After the death of Eric Larkin at the hands of Dr. Light, Scott became the new editor-in-chief of the Central City Picture News. When the Flash was proclaimed "missing" (while he was actually on Earth-2), he wanted Iris West to start writing over the Flash's weaknesses and how no one could rely on the former exactly all the time. When she convinced him that she could give insight about the new Flash, Scott allowed her to, leaving him wondering how Iris always met such speedsters.[1]

When a speedster reportedly went on a robbing spree, Scott became convinced that the Flash had gone crooked and ordered Iris to write an expose smearing the Flash's name. Iris delayed her article by taking Scott out to CC Jitters, where Scott confides in her how he uncovered a corrupt mayor, which strengthened his conviction that even heroes need to be held accountable. The next day, Iris showed him her article depicting the Flash fight an evil female speedster and assured Scott that not every hero is a fraud and it was fine to believe in one.[2]


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