"Scott Morgan runs water and power in The Glades. Jacks up the prices when people can't pay, shuts them down even in the dead of winter."
Oliver Queen[src]

Scott Morgan (1959–2013)[1] was a corrupt businessman whose plant was overcharging consumers in The Glades and wasting electricity in Central City. His name is on "The List".


Criminal activities

Scott Morgan crimes

Allegations against Scott Morgan.

Scott Morgan owned a plant which operated in Starling and Central City. The plant ran water and electricity in The Glades, overcharging their customers when they had difficulty paying the bills, which caused brownouts in the area. The plant was also illegally siphoning off of Central City's electrical grid. These activities caught The Hood's attention.[2]

Visit from The Hood

One night, Scott ordered some "company" and waited in bed for the intended prostitute. Suddenly, The Hood broke into his home and demanded that Scott turn his company's daily wattage logs over to the energy commission and SCPD within six hours.

However, Scott acted quickly and rushed to the plant, ordering the employees to transfer all of the company's records onto a hard drive. Scott then triggered the fail-safe explosives he previously arranged to be built into the plant's construction, intending to destroy any evidence. Scott received the hard drive from his bodyguard and shot the latter dead. He attempted to flee, but was stopped in his tracks by The Hood. Scott's main bodyguard, a former Israeli military, or Tzahal, attacked The Hood, but was beaten. Scott then gave the vigilante the hard drive. Right on cue, the explosives detonated and Scott managed to escape from the plant, but The Hood appeared to be killed.

The next night, Scott met with Malcolm Merlyn and Moira Queen. He told his story, only to learn from Malcolm that the hard drive was in the hands of the police, courtesy of The Hood, meaning Scott was now a liability. Malcolm's bodyguard promptly shot Scott dead as he pleaded for his life.[1]



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