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"That used to be my name. Carter Hall."
—Scythian remembering his past lives[src]

Scythian Torvil is a reincarnation of the Egyptian prince Khufu, the husband of Kendra Saunders and the father of Alda Hall-Saunders. He is from the 22nd century and a former soldier in the service of Vandal Savage. After regaining his memories, he aided the Legends in taking down Savage and starts being referred to as Carter Hall, the name of his previous incarnation. After finally killing Savage, Scythian and Kendra left the Legends and he decided to stay in 2016, turning into the newest incarnation of the hero Hawkman, and took on the identity of his previous incarnation. Years later, Scythian and Kendra were called along with other former Legends to save Mick Rory and Kayla's children.


Original multiverse

Early life

At some point before 2166, Scythian was found by Vandal Savage and brainwashed to aid in his attempt to take over the world.[1]

Working for Vandal Savage

In 2166, as Hawkgirl was about to permanently kill Vandal Savage, Scythian intervened, ultimately being knocked out by Kendra. Before she could kill him, however, she was taken back by his identity, and instead decided to take the two men as prisoners aboard to her team's ship.[1]


Scythian wields Carter Hall's mace.

While Kendra and Ray restrained Scythian, they tried to make him remember his past life as Carter Hall. However he was resistant, and did not want to listen. Later, after Savage escaped and attacked Rip Hunter's team, Scythian arm-locked Kendra and presented her to Savage, before eventually regaining his memories. He unfurled his wings and attacked Savage, before getting stabbed. Kendra attacked Savage in a burst of anger, before realizing that Scythian was still, luckily, alive. He was later put in the med bay to rest, while the memories of his life as Carter Hall started to return slowly.[2]

After Savage outed Rip Hunter's team to the Time Masters, he took both Kendra and Scythian to his jump ship where they landed in East London of 2166. Scythian was kept in a compartment beneath Savage and Kendra.[3]

Savage's next target was France in 1944 during the heart of World War II. Savage extracted the blood of both Kendra and Scythian in order to power the Thanagarian meteor, which he took from a caravan of Nazis. After Rip Hunter's team arrived, they were able to extract Scythian, however Kendra was taken prisoner by Savage again.

Scythian in the Hawkman suit.

Upon his rescue, Scythian regathered his thoughts and updated the team on Savage's plan to eradicate the timeline of Earth in three different points in time simultaneously, allowing him to wipe out all time before the first sighting of the meteor in Thanagar, reverting to the times of Ancient Egypt. Scythian and Rip traveled to 2021, where the latest, time-traveling incarnation of Savage was about to unleash the meteor while his past selves did so in 1958 and 1975. Hawkman and Hawkgirl managed to overpower and kill Savage in 2021, along with the rest of the teams in other points in time.

After Rip Hunter returned the team back to 2016, he has offered every member an opportunity to join him in his new quest to protect the timeline from any further threats, now that the Time Masters' Oculus device was no more. However, Hawkman and Hawkgirl declined the offer, deciding to proceed with their lives in 2016, after all the centuries of strife they have suffered through.[4]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Scythian as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[5] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[6]

New multiverse

Like in the original multiverse, Scythian starts being referred to as Carter Hall, the name of his previous incarnation. At some point, Scythian and Kendra had a daughter named Alda Hall-Saunders, who they possibly named after Aldus Boardman.[7]

The Missing Necrians

Hawkman battling the Necrians in France, 1750 A.D..

In 2022, Scythian, Kendra, and Alda went to the home of Jefferson "Jax" Jackson and his wife, Alanna, to meet with Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk to plan a mission to rescue, and save the Legends with a time courier, and Scythian believed that Vandal Savage came back until Kendra calmed him down because the villain was dead. When Mona Wu and Rory and Kayla's children were kidnapped by Kamaya, Scythian went along with the former Legends to get them back. Hawkman and the former Legends used the courier to travel through each period of history chasing the Necrians to find the babies.

After discovering that Kamaya was Kayla's mother, Scythian talked with the Legends about old adventures, their old enemies, and their old friends until Kayla interrupted to travel to Necria, where the children were. Hawkman and the former Legends were going to fight, but knowing that Kamaya and Kyle only wanted to meet their grandchildren, the former Legends made peace, and returned the children and Mona to Earth. Upon returning, Scythian and Kendra saw Alda with demon wings thanks to Nora, and took a selfie to send to Nate Heywood.[7]

Potential future

In a potential future 2049, Scythian and Kendra trained their daughter to become the vigilante known as "Hawkwoman". The pair met up with Ray, Sara Lance, Wally West, Jax, and Mick at a bar in Star City for some fun. In the chat, Scythian tried to calm Wally down about the new threat, but the speedster was gone, and discussed his hero name as they talked about each other's children and what they accomplished. When Sara, Ray, Mick, Jax, and Kendra disappeared, Scythian was annoyed that he didn't disappear until he joined them as well.[7]


While unaware of his past lives, Scythian was loyal and devoted to Savage's cause, so much he was willing to kill Kendra, his soulmate, and almost succeeded. He was also noticeably sadistic, threatening to kill Kendra slowly if he was not released, and laughing when he tried to kill her.

However, during Kendra and Savage's encounter Scythian's memories as in his past lives returned and he remembered his love for Kendra and hatred for Savage, and turned on him. However he also seems to suffer from a degree of amnesia, as later he only barely recognized Kendra and didn't even remember the name of his past life, Carter Hall. Regardless he proved to be just as noble as his past life and aided the team in taking down Savage, his hatred for whom he did remember even when unsure of who Kendra was. His feelings for Kendra also seem to have returned as he opted to remain in 2016 to start a new life with her.

Powers and abilities


  • Reincarnation: Scythian has a power to reincarnate after death. This power is considered a form of immortality, as he can be reborn and never truly killed. His soul is conducted to Kendra's, and they die and rebirth in an unbreakable circle throughout the entire history of humanity. He looks like all his previous reincarnations and can assess their memories, time by time, remembering his past lives. Although it is not a superpower in all costs, it allows Scythian the ability to trick death and live though centuries and periods, succeeding his goals in next lives.
    • Visions: Scythian learns about his past self by visions, that actually are memories of his past life. He seems to have not enough time to remember all, but learns very quickly, possibly, much faster than his previous reincarnations.
  • Flight: After regaining memory of his past lives, including Carter Hall and Khufu, Scythian can extend large, bird-like wings from his back, that allows him flying at great speed. It seems, that those wings are non-real, or at least intangible, because they do not tear through his clothes. They also seems to be weightless.
  • Enhanced strength: While manifesting his wings, Scythian has immense physical strength, allowing him to knock down multiple soldiers of Vandal Savage, and overpower the former in close combat in multiple occasions. He easily knocks people off their feet with simple hand blows.


  • Peak human condition: Scythian is on top of physical condition, having passed through harsh military training and serving as soldier. He managed to survive after being stabbed in the chest. Also, he is powerful enough to overpower Vandal Savage, lock him in hand grab and allowing Kendra to kill the former.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As a former soldier, Scythian has experience in unarmed combat and can successfully fight masters of martial arts like Vandal Savage. He is good both in striking and grabbing, proving himself a powerful melee fighter, much like his previous incarnation. He knocked down multiple soldiers of his former army with relative ease. striking with immense power and speed, and along with Hawkgirl managed to overpower, beat and kill Vandal Savage. He also use acrobatics along his martial art mastery, while striking Savage with some kind of flip. Also, he was able to grab Kendra and strangle her with his feet.
    • Military training: As a former soldier, Scythian had passed through a variety of harsh training, including hand-to-hand combat, firearms skills, tactic and strategy. He held a training program to improve physical fitness especially for soldiers. He also went through a severe psychological manipulation of Savage, and unfortunately, become his soldier and loyal follower in the end.
    • Expert marksman: Like all soldiers in Vandal Savage's army, Scythian was armed with a laser rifle. His mastery in marksmanship is unknown, but in seems, that he was experienced enough to carry the rifle and use it in battle effectively.


Original multiverse

  • Hawkman suit: After regaining the memories of his past self, he is given the former suit his past incarnation used to wear. Wearing the suit, Scythian become the new incarnation of the hero Hawkman.
  • Carter Hall's mace: After the death of Carter Hall, Scythian began using his mace.

New multiverse


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Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, there was a point of interest known as the Sea of Scythia, located near a series of caves and grottos on Thanagar, the planet of great importance to Hawkman and Hawkgirl mythos.
  • Interestingly, this version of Hawkman that has fallen under the control of Hath-Set shared the naming conventions with his master (Scythian Torvil and Vandal Savage, respectively). Both Vandals and Scythians were considered "barbarian" peoples that took part in Völkerwanderung, a series of invasions and subsequent migrations that destroyed the Western Roman Empire.