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Sean Smith is a student at Smallville High School and a member of the Smallville Crows. He is also the ex-boyfriend of Sarah Cushing.


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At some point, Sean started dating Sarah Cushing.

At a bonfire, Sean pushed Jordan Kent down after he kissed Sarah, unaware that she was dating him. Despite the fact it was a misunderstanding, on Sarah's part, Sean kept trying to assault Jordan; forcing Jonathan Kent to stand in to protect his brother. Likely from alcohol intoxication, Sean and his friends gained up on them and beat the brothers. This aggravated Jordan and caused him to manifest heat vision that detonated the beer barrel, ending the fight and causing everyone to blame it on firecrackers.[1]

When the Kents moved to Smallville, Sean and his friends started bullying Jon at school, during his arrival and football practice.[2] The next morning, Sean saw Sarah talking to Jordan and became aggressive. He pushed him up against the lockers but backed off when Jordan's father arrived. Sarah later broke up with him. During football practice, he faced off against Jordan and although Jordan knocked him on the ground, he apologized for kissing Sarah and gave him a hand getting up.[3]

After the football game, Sean went to the party at Corey Wellnitz's lake house.[4] After winning the football game in Metropolis, Sean invited the Kent brothers to party with him and the other teammates. Sean witnessed as Jimmy Cutter teased Jordan before Jordan accidentally hurt Jonathan.[5] After Morgan Edge was exposed as a criminal, the DOD occupied Smallville. Later at school, Sean, Timmy Ryan, Malcolm Teague and Corey Wellnitz try to get Jon to reveal what the DOD is still doing in Smallville, but to no avail.[6]

Later, Timmy's parents were away so he decided to throw a party with alcohol. He, Sean and Malcolm went to Sequoia to invite Jon Kent. At the party, they turned on the TV and saw that Morgan Edge was attacking Metropolis. When General Sam Lane arrived to pick up Jon and Jordan, Sean tried to hide the drinks.[7] During Edge's last attacks on Smallville, Sean and the citizens tried to evacuate the town but eventually that ended when Superman and the Stranger defeated Edge.[8]


Sean is proven to be aggressive and resentful to others. He was jealous of Sarah when she kissed Jordan Kent and started bullying him at school, but after he and Sarah broke up, he became more friendly. Despite his age, Sean consumes alcohol.


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