"Guess I should be flattered. To think you've held out a candle for me after all these years. What are you waiting for?"
—Sean to Dinah Drake[src]

Sean Sonus (died February 1, 2017) was a drug dealer who attempted to murder Central City Police Department detective Vincent Sobel, the boyfriend and partner of Dinah Drake. Following the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, he became a meta-human, and he used his powers to further his criminal enterprise. Sean was hunted across the country by Dinah until she finally caught up with him in Hub City.[1]


By 2010, Sean was a drug dealer and the leader of a dangerous gang in Central City. Unbeknownst to him and his associates, Vincent Sobel and "Tina Boland" were undercover cops who had infiltrated the gang.[2]

At the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, Sean and his accomplices were torturing Dinah Drake, threatening to hurt her and kill her boyfriend, Vincent, holding her for two weeks. As the dark matter wave erupted throughout Central City, Sean ended up shooting Vincent, to Dinah's horrible screaming. Dinah's scream influenced a mutation of her own, as well as that of Sean, giving them both sonic-related powers.[1]

Three years later, in January 2017, Dinah tracked Sean's criminal contacts, eventually targeting him. She arrived at the premises, defeating Sonus's bodyguards, followed by Team Arrow. As Dinah prepared to attack her enemy, Sean used a meta-human power of his own, rendering her sonic scream a liability. As the other vigilantes came at him, Sean used his power to stop them in their tracks and escape. Team Arrow and Dinah eventually targeted him once again at a gathering of his gang and managed to take them on. After destroying a helicopter, Oliver tried to argue with Dinah to let Sean live, to no avail.[1]

Powers and abilities


Sean unleashing his powers on Team Arrow.


  • Skilled marksman/Firearms: As a gangster, Sean was proficient with firearms.
  • Indomitable will/High pain tolerance: Despite his meta-human powers being sonic-based, Sean seemed to have some inherent high pain tolerance, which allowed him to take Oliver Queen's arrow out of his shoulder with ease and, seemingly, little to no negative effects for his health.


  • Power-dampening tech: Like most meta-humans, Sean's powers can be neutralized by using power-dampening tech.
  • Sonic dampener: Just like Laurel Lance and Dinah Drake, Sean was affected by Curtis Holt's sonic dampener, causing him to temporarily lose his powers.



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