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"I'll think of Kate Kane, and I'll think of the woman who saved a hell of a lot of people, the woman who created a family for everyone, the woman who could keep us from surrendering to our demons, the woman who inspired people to stay true to themselves even when it felt impossible, to always be there whenever someone needed them, who brought out our humanity, even in the darkest of moments, and the woman who changed me. Like everything good in my life, I thought my time as the Bat was temporary, but it's for real now, and I'm not in your shadow anymore. I'm it. I am Batwoman. Good-bye, Kate Kane. Thank you for changing my life."
Ryan Wilder in a letter to Kate Kane[src]

The second season of Batwoman premiered on January 17, 2021 on The CW and concluded on June 27, 2021. The season consisted of 18 episodes.



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  • On May 19, Ruby Rose announced her departure from the series just two days after the conclusion of the first season finale, "O, Mouse!". It was initially reported that the role of Kate Kane would be recast.[1] However on June 2, it was announced that an entirely new character would be introduced to replace Rose's character as Batwoman.[2][3] By July 8, Javicia Leslie was hired.[4]
  • Production began on September 3, 2020, but Leslie's first day began a day later. In a welcome back video with Nicole Kang (Mary Hamilton) and Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox), Johnson reassured fans, "We're safe, we're distanced, people are wearing masks, everything's fine!".[5]
    • However, production shut down on September 30 due to delays in processing COVID-19 tests in British Columbia, though the stoppage was assumed to be temporary.[6]
    • On October 7, 2020, production was allowed to resume.[7]
  • There was going to be a crossover episode with Superman & Lois.[8] However, on January 14, 2021, it was announced that the crossover was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[9]



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