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The Flash was renewed for a second season on January 11, 2015. It will begin airing October 6, 2015.[1]


Main cast

Recurring cast


"Following the defeat of Barry Allen's arch-nemesis Eobard Thawne (aka Reverse Flash), Team Flash quickly turned their attention to the singularity swirling high above Central City, which fans last saw consuming everything in its path. Armed with the heart of a hero and the ability to move at super speeds, Barry charged into the eye of the singularity, but will he actually be able to save his city from impending doom?"[10]

Confirmed plot points

New characters

  • Patty Spivot: A "spunky, fun and funny" romantic interest for Barry Allen. She is described as bright and scientific-minded — more specifically, "Think 'Felicity Smoak' from Arrow".[20][9]
  • "John Clark": A classically handsome, square-jawed hero in his 30s to early 40s, a slightly cynical man "with an edge".[21]
  • Olivia: A woman in her early 40's whose a troubled old friend of Joe's, who will be his love interest.[22]
  • Jay Garrick: Geoff Johns says that Jay Garrick will appear in season two.[23] A man who suddenly appears to Central City to warn the STAR Labs crew.
  • Zoom: Faster than The Flash, and faster than Reverse-Flash. He’s going to be terrifying and scary and fast, and it’s gonna be really cool.[24] He is so fast that everything around him, including even other speedsters, move slowly.[25] He will appear within the first few episodes.
  • Wally West


# Episode name Directed by Story by Teleplay by Original airdate
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  • Jay Garrick will appear in the second episode and will be working alongside Barry, and in the episode, Barry does something new with his speed. Grant says that Tom's character, whoever he is, will be from the multiverse.[27]
  • Episode 3 will be titled "Family of Rouges" and will be the next rouge episode and will include Leonard and Lisa Snarts father Lewis


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