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The Flash was renewed for a fifth season by The CW on April 2, 2018.[1]


Confirmed plot points

  • There will be a new threat this season.[3]
    • The villain for this season is not a speedster.[4]
  • Nora Allen II will return.[3]
  • There will be a crossover with Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. The crossover will introduce Batwoman and Gotham City.[7]
  • One of the themes for this season is family.[4]
    • Barry and Iris will be dealing with being parents to an adult version of their future daughter.[4]
  • Iris will be on the field investigating and writing more.[5]
  • We will see more of Ralph’s detective side.[5]
  • Tom Cavanagh will play a funny and unique version of Harrison Wells.[5]

Confirmed New Characters

  • Desmond Paull: Desmond is a metahuman who, after a mysterious interaction with dark matter, was given not only immortality but also the gift to disable other meta-human powers. He blames metas for everything that has gone wrong in his life and because of that, his mission is to wipe Central City free of them in order to silence his own anguish.[6]


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