Season 8 (The Flash)

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The Flash was renewed for an eighth season by The CW on February 3, 2021.[2] It premiered on November 16, 2021.



Main cast

Recurring cast

Confirmed plot points

  • This season will start with a special "five-episode event" that will feature different heroes and villains from across the Arrowverse and have a crossover-type feel.[5][6]
  • Villains from the previous seven seasons will return in unexpected ways to make Barry and Iris' life "a living nightmare."[8]
  • Bart Allen, Nora West-Allen, Sue Dearbon, and Jay Garrick will return.[10][11][12]
  • Iris will have "many exciting things to deal with" as a journalist.[10]
  • Iris' "time sickness" will be addressed and clarified after Armageddon.[13][14]
    • Solving Iris' "time sickness" will be huge part of the entire season and have big ramifications for Barry and Iris' relationship and marriage.[14]
  • This season will feature some unexpected, special guest stars.[13]
  • Barry will become similar to the Flash from the comic books—a confident, incredibly powerful, and secure team leader.[13]
  • A few more relationships will blossom.[13]
  • Another new villain will force Team Flash to face their mortality in a highly personal and ultimately terrifying way.[15]
  • Joe West is "going to get an incredibly different perspective on life, and it will lead him to a really big choice."[16]
  • Eddie Thawne will return in a flashback episode that will air after Armageddon.[17]
  • Barry's The Flash suit will include gold boots, similar to the ones seen in the comic books.[18]
  • There will be several different timelines featured in Armageddon.[19]
  • A "lot of different characters" from across the Arrowverse will appear in the same episodes and scenes in Armageddon.[19]



  • The season began production on August 16, 2021 and is expected to wrap on April 25, 2022.[22]



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