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"Yeah. Maybe this team is all about finding second chances."
Rene Ramirez

"Second Chances" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-third episode overall. It aired on February 1, 2017.



The scene opens with a flashback to three years back in Central City to perceive how Tina Boland got her sonic shout. Tina was a cop in Central City three years back who was caught by a mobster. Directly as the crowd's manager was going to murder her accomplice, the atom smasher mishap (the one that gave the Flash his forces) occurred, making her get her sonic shout.

In the current day, Ollie and her group are checking possibility to turn a major trend Black Canary. Everybody brings Ollie qualified up-and-comers, however Ollie continues contrasting them with Laurel and discovers them wanton. At long last, Curtis raises a "urban legend", a wandering lady who ensures wrongdoing casualties across America with a sonic shout.

Ollie visits Diggle in jail, where he discovers that General Walker was beforehand under scrutiny for defilement, however that the examination was closed down. Pursue proposes that the record despite everything exists, so Ollie says he'll have Felicity hack the NSA.

In a flashback, Ollie awakens in a safehouse. Talia al Ghul uncovers that she's gotten her work done on Ollie and says that he knew one of her understudies: Yao Fei.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Curtis pulls up film of Tina Boland in real life and says she was most recently seen in Hub City. Along these lines, Oliver and the group gets ready and heads to Hub City. They discover Tina on a housetop and offer her a spot in the group. Tina's not intrigued and she cautions them that on the off chance that they meddle, she'll send them back to Star City with their nuts in a sling.

The following morning, Ollie, Curtis, and Rene have breakfast at a Big Belly Burger. Curtis makes sense of Tina's personality, so Oliver brings Captain Singh over in Central City for more data. After Oliver has the Flash leave a post-it note on Singh's PC to demonstrate he's genuine, Singh says that Boland was on a profound spread task until her accomplice was murdered. A short time later, Boland quit and hasn't been seen since.

In another flashback, Ollie is a little amazed that Talia prepared Yao Fei since she's looks half Yao Fei's age. Talia says that Ollie is bound to be far beyond a Bratva part, yet Oliver is just keen on slaughtering Kovar. Talia gives Oliver the name and area of one of Kovar's partners and says she'll help him in return for listening to him on her suggestion later.

Felicity hacks into the TSA, however discovers that Walker's record has been cleaned, which means they have no data.

Green Arrow and Wild Dog track Tina to a high rise, where they locate her tormenting one of the mobsters from the earliest starting point of the scene. At the point when Green Arrow tries to intervene, Tina utilizes her sonic shout to shoot him over the room and afterward snaps the mobster's neck with her shout. Wild Dog stops her utilizing a sonic dampener, yet it's past the point of no return: the mobster's dead.

Some different mobsters storm the structure and in the gunfire, Tina escapes through the window. While Wild Dog stops the mobsters, Oliver pursues Tina. At the point when he finds her, Oliver makes a pitch: he'll assist her with finding the man who executed her accomplice on the off chance that she lets him help her. She's not persuaded and flees once more.

The following morning, Curtis clarifies that Tina's following Sean Sonus. Sonus showed up in Hub City to exploit the force vaccum left by Tobias Church's passing and sells a medication called "Slide" to youngsters. Both Curtis and Rene need to let Tina slaughter Sonus, however Oliver comprehends what she's experienced and needs to help.

In a flashback, Talia and Oliver attack Kovar's partner's central station, with Talia just outfitted with a bow.

Felicity is scouring the Dark Web for a hint of Walker's record, and she gets a terminal message offering to help.

Curtis hacks Hub City's camera framework, so they could follow either Tina OR Sonus. Rene isn't persuaded that discovering Tina is the correct move, however Curtis persuades him that the group is about renewed opportunities.

Tina discovers Sonus, yet he utilizes another meta power that instigates VERTIGO to take her out. Oliver and Rene appear just under the wire, yet Sonus get away.

Curtis makes sense of that Sonus additionally has sonic forces, when Tina awakens and says she knows where Sonus will be. Tina denies Oliver's assistance by and by, much after Wild Dog says it's a self destruction crucial.

Oliver and Talia take out Kovar's partner and his men. At the point when Kovar's partner attempts to pay off Oliver, Oliver pounds the life out of him with his weapon.

Felicity gets together with her Dark Web contact and finds that she's fundamentally a more youthful variant of herself, complete with the cumbersomeness. The lady works for an association called Helix, which is fundamentally a WikiLeaks association. The lady says she needs to move Felicity to turn into a hacktivist once more, and gives her the data to absolve Diggle.

Since Tina wouldn't tune in to Green Arrow, Oliver uncovers her character. He offers to assist her with bringing down Sonus and leave, without any hidden obligations.

Green Arrow, Tina, and Wild Dog go up against Sonus and his men on a housetop while they attempt to acquire a shipment of medications through a helicopter. Wild Dog utilizes Curtis' dampener to close off Sonus' capacity. After they bring down the entirety of Sonus' men, Tina goes up against Sonus. Oliver attempts to talk her down, however Tina shoots Sonus in any case and leaves.

Oliver returns to Star City, where Felicity enlightens him concerning Diggle's record. At the point when Oliver leaves, Felicity opens up Walker's record and finds an entire boatload of different documents, kindness of Felix and their Pandora program.

Oliver and Chase reveal to Diggle that he's been liberated on bail, and that Chase has recorded a movement to excuse.

In a last flashback, Talia discloses to Oliver that he continues searching for battles, when his dad left him a rundown of individuals to deal with back in Star City. Talia says that she's been in Oliver's position and gives her Yao Fei's hood. She says that there's a beast within him, so he needs to give it a character. Just when it becomes someTHING else would he be able to be liberated to be Oliver Queen once more.

Tina visits Oliver at his office in Star City. She concedes that she thought she'd feel freed with Sonus dead, however she despite everything feels a great deal of agony. She asks Oliver how he oversees, and Oliver says he doesn't do only it. Oliver says his group is about renewed opportunities and says that possibly she's his additional opportunity. She additionally uncovers that Tina Boland was only her spread name. Her genuine name is Dinah Drake.


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Preparation ran from October 24 until November 1, 2016. Filming ran from November 2 until November 14, 2016, with a break for Remembrance Day on November 11.[1]



  • In the prologue for the episode, Linda is reporting on the countdown to the activation of the Particle Accelerator, in what looks like broad daylight. However, when the accelerator is about to explode, it’s dark and pouring, with Linda holding an umbrella. Even if the accelerator had caused it to rain, there’s no way a storm could’ve formed so fast, and it was previously confirmed to be night time during the explosion.[2]