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For the Arrow episode, see "Seeing Red".
"Even if we do, Cicada's not gonna stop killing. Not until—"
"—Until he's... dead.
"... I didn't say that."
"You didn't have to. The anger that I feel from you says it all."
"How am I supposed to feel?! He almost killed Nora!"
"Barry, I understand. I do. That man hurt your child. But this anger that you're feeling, I've felt it before. From Cicada. Honey, if you let it, this rage will consume you, the same way it's already consumed him.
Barry Allen and Cecile Horton

"Seeing Red" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-third episode overall. It aired on January 22, 2019.



"Seeing Red" starts with Orlin scrutinizing the attendant he lives with about his niece's case in the medical clinic. Afterward, Cicada takes a shot at taking out metahumans in a dull back street.

At STAR Labs, Caitlin is attempting to take a shot at the fix when Ralph strolls in to help. The stretchy man proposes she work with Killer Frost on the circumstance however the last clarifies it doesn't work prefer as such.

Iris assembles a conference in the fundamental room and uncovers that Cicada slaughtered three metas the earlier night. Similarly as they're talking about what to do, the caution begins going off again and they're made aware of Cicada's quality somewhere else in Central City.

Barry, Nora, Killer Frost, and Ralph speed to the scene and endeavor to protect the meta Cicada wounded. In the long run Cicada takes out Nora and can escape with the remainder of the group worried about their feeble companion. Back in the medications sound, Caitlin educates the gathering that Cicada seriously split Nora's back and removed her recuperating powers — starting at now, she's deadened.

Sherloque and Ralph do some burrowing and find that Cicada some way or another acquired a rundown of metahumans from the police office and is taking a shot at murdering everybody on the rundown. Barry and Cecile approach Captain Singh about the rundown and the police skipper says he needs Barry and Cecile to have nothing to do with the examination.

In transit out of the police office, Cecile discloses to Barry she's going to take a stab at finding support from government operators with the circumstance. Barry chooses to have a go at safeguarding everybody on the rundown before Cicada gets to them — he enrolls the assistance of Killer Frost and Ralph.

The gathering finds Norvok first and he chooses to go with them. We discover the baddies starting points as he was working at a neighborhood zoo on the night the atom smasher fizzled. As Norvok and Killer Frost show some kindness to-heart, Barry finds the entirety of the metahumans on the rundown.

Barry races back to their safehouse when he understands there's only one meta left on the rundown — Peek-A-Boo. He goes to her store and attempts to get her to leave, however she doesn't confide in him. In a little while, Cicada shows up and the trio starts battling. Barry and PeekABo in the long run escape.

At their sheltered house, Barry converses with Cecile and she utilizes her forces to feel Barry musings, acknowledging he needs to execute Cicada. At that point, Cecile acknowledges she felts those equivalent sentiments previously — when they were at the police office. Cecile acknowledges she realizes who released the rundown.

At STAR Labs, Iris pulls Sherloque aside and goes up against him about his examination on Nora. Sherloque acts ignorant and Iris cautions him to stop. At the point when Iris returns into Nora's room, she discovers her strolling about.

Back at the safehouse, Ralph and Killer Frost proceed with their discussion about the fix from prior. Executioner Frost uncovers she's worried about the possibility that that Caitlin will wind up taking her yet Ralph attempts to convince her in any case. Similarly as the gathering is about the leave the safehouse by means of helicopter, Cicada shows up to stop them.

Ralph directs the gathering around back to jump on the floating chopper while Barry and Killer Frost remain behind to battle Cicada. Barry's ready to utilize Flashtime to take out Cicada and as he's going to convey the last blow, Nora speeds in and stops him. As Barry's diverted by his little girl, Cicada get away.

At CCPD, Cecile and Captain Singh find the cop that printed off the rundown to give Dwyer. He takes a stab at getting away from the police office yet is before long captured.

In her lab, Caitlin is having an inner discussion with Killer Frost and guarantees her adjust conscience that she'll never accept the solution. Executioner Frost uncovers she had the option to get a DNA test from Cicada to help in their exploration on the fix.

Regardless of Iris' notice, Sherloque proceeds with his examination on Nora and runs diagnostics on Nora's diary. He discovers that the diary was composed by two individuals.

At supper soon thereafter, Barry and Iris are discussing their affection for Nora when Barry has a revelation — they have to get to Orlin's heart. Barry makes reference to they have to do what they can to wake up Grace.



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  • This is the second episode to not feature Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, although a photo of him (as Vibe) appears near the end of the episode.
  • This episode is titled exactly like the Arrow​ episode of the same name, the twentieth episode from the second season of that series. Also, in both instances, a loved one is killed/injured in each episode by getting stabbed through the back; Oliver's mother Moira getting killed by Slade, and Nora who is stabbed by Cicada except she survives. Both heroes are also on the ground watching helplessly as their loved one gets killed/injured.
    • When Cicada punches Nora in the back, it's similar to what Bane does to Batman in the "Knightfall" comics and the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises .
      • Another similarity to an older episode of The Flash: Nora is paralyzed after getting stabbed in the back by Cicada making her immobile from the waist down, similar to what happens to her father in "Enter Zoom" when Zoom paralyzes Barry and makes him immobile, leaving him in a wheelchair in the next episode; "Gorilla Warfare"​.
  • This episode is a role reversal of "O Come, All Ye Thankful"​, when Barry almost gets killed by Weather Witch in front of his daughter; in this episode it's Nora who is almost killed by Cicada in front of her father.
  • Andre Tricoteux who plays Carl Bork, was also the suit-actor of Savitar's armored form in Season 3, and made several small appearances in episodes of the Arrowverse.
    • Carl Bork says, "You can't hurt Bork, but Bork can hurt you!" This is the exact line that Bork says on the cover of The Brave and the Bold #81, starring Batman and the Flash.
  • When Sherloque states there is a mastermind at work, his own reflection is in the two computer monitors, a play on the fact Eobard Thawne looks just like him.
  • Flash being talked out of killing Cicada is ironic, given the pattern of how Big Bads in The Flash end up dead (with Zoom dying a season later) in the end.


  • When Orlin Dwyer looks at a police folder, the word "name" appears both in English and French. This should not happen as Central City is in the United States, whose language is only English.