"Dude, it's just a helmet!"
—Jefferson Jackson on Sgt. Rock's helmet[src]

Sgt. Rock's helmet is a distinctive relic from World War II which is stored aboard the Waverider.


Sgt. Rock's helmet on his head in 1943.

Manufactured at an unknown point in time by the United States Army, this helmet ended up in Sergeant Rock's possession while he served in World War II. It was shot at least three times.[1]

While touring in Saint-Lô in 1943, Rock ran into the time traveler Kendra Saunders. She recognized the helmet due to its distinctive bullet holes and used it to hide a message for Rip Hunter and his team. After Rock was killed by Vandal Savage, the helmet fell off his head and onto the ground.[1]

At an unknown point in time, Rip Hunter acquired the helmet, and kept it aboard the Waverider in his personal collection of relics. When the team was discussing plans on how to find and rescue Kendra, Jefferson Jackson accidentally knocked the helmet off the table. Noticing that he didn't remember coming into possession of this item, Rip Hunter examined the helmet and found the note hidden by Kendra, describing when and where she had been taken by Savage.[1]


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