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For the eponymous character, see Shade (Earth-1).
"I heard multiple witnesses said the man was attacked by a shadow."
Barry Allen

"Shade" is the sixth episode of the third season of The Flash, and the fifty-second episode overall. It aired on November 15, 2016.



Wally tells Joe about dreams he has been having where he was "Kid Flash". Joe is convinced Wally's speedster fantasies are a result of Alchemy messing with Wally's head, but Wally instead believes it is because of the second particle accelerator explosion.

Back at CCPD, Barry and Julian are in the lab investigating another husk, when Cecile enters to inform Barry that he is being assigned to meta-human investigations full time.

Cecile and Joe flirt with one another and they talk about attending movie night. Joe tells Barry about Wally's Kid Flash dreams and the two of them realize that he's in a tough situation.

Meanwhile at STAR labs, H.R. is attempting to pitch an idea to Caitlin and Cisco: they reopen STAR Labs as a museum, with him as the face of the new establishment.

They finally break it to H.R. that his face is that of a known killer, and he can't be seen in public.

Back at the West house, Barry speaks with Wally, revealing to him that in Flashpoint, he was a speedster that battled The Rival, but he had no team. Only Iris worked alongside him. He also reveals that he ended up critically injured.

Regardless of what Joe and Barry say, Wally is determined to be Kid Flash. He accuses Joe of not believing in him enough or trusting him. Wally leaves the room angry.

That night, a Wall Street type man berates someone over the phone. A huge shadow then emerges behind him and grabs him by the throat, breaking his neck.

Barry and Julian are on the scene the following morning, where witnesses are stating that the victim was killed by a shadow.

Barry invites Julian to movie night. Julian declines and continues to make it clear that they're not on friendly terms where he's concerned. Joe tells Barry that Wally took off that morning without telling anyone.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco is looking for H.R., accusing him of stealing his meta-dampener cuffs. H.R. then shows up with a totally different face, courtesy of a facial transmogrifier. Cisco takes it from him and says he is keeping it until he gets his cuffs back.

Back in the cortex, Barry tells Team Flash about the shadow man. Cisco pulls up the security footage from the attack. H.R. names the meta-human Shade after a meta with similar abilities from his Earth.

Barry tells the group that he needs to concentrate on Wally, so he asks Cisco to take care of the Shade situation. Caitlin is growing increasingly concerned about her powers.

Joe finds Wally at CCPD. Joe admits that he's worried that Wally is a lot like he was when he was younger, raising concerns about what Wally would do if he had powers. But Joe is even more concerned about how Wally seems to be getting his powers.

Wally suddenly collapses in pain as Alchemy starts to reach out to him with visions of his life in Flashpoint.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin tells Cisco that she took his meta-dampener cuffs and reveals that her powers have manifested. She asks him to vibe the future to see if she becomes Killer Frost.

Cisco does so and sees a him and Killer Frost battling in a forrest. However, he lies to her, telling her he saw nothing. She asks him to keep quiet about this.

Caitlin looks at Wally ensures him his vitals are fine. Wally says he had dreams of The Rival pursuing him and Barry confirms they are memories from Flashpoint. H.R. suggests placing Wally in the Pipeline for the time being.

Barry and Iris remain behind with Wally at the lab, while the remainder of the team, including a disguised H.R., heads to movie night with Cecile to see The Shining.

Caitlin notices that Cisco is acting oddly toward her since he vibed. He tells her that he saw the them two battling each other and he begs her to tell their friends.

Joe and Cecile share a moment while getting food before the movie. They find out that being parents is something in common.

Back at STAR labs, Barry and Iris are keeping an eye on Wally, who is in a cell. Iris tells Barry it is difficult for her to be in STAR Labs due to her lack of scientific knowledge or powers. Barry assures her that he couldn't do this without her.

Back at the film H.R. is going too far with flirting with Cecile. Suddenly, Shade appears just as the movie starts.

Joe shouts for everybody to leave. Cisco sends an alert to Barry. Wally starts hearing Alchemy calling for him.

Iris runs to Wally as he is writhing in pain in his cell. It seems to stop until Alchemy's name is scratched into the glass. Wally shouts at Iris to open the door.

The Flash appears to fight Shade. Back in the van, Cisco attempts to turn on the lights to neutralize Shade's powers. Caitlin removes the meta-dampener cuffs to toss to Barry, much to H.R.'s confusion.

Shade returns to human and Barry places the cuffs on him.

Wally is still in pain and screaming to be let out of the cell. Iris opens the door and he pushes her aside. Iris punches him in the face and knocks him out.

Wally is back in his cell. Team Flash deduces that the timing Shade's attack and Wally's visions is no coincidence.

Cisco pushes Caitlin to tell everyone that her powers have emerged. Caitlin takes off in anger. Cisco tells everyone about the future vision and Barry goes to comfort Caitlin.

Caitlin is extremely vexed and can't accept what is happening to her. Barry reveals that her powers and Dante's death were among the changes caused by Flashpoint.

Wally awakens and suggests that they use him to find and stop Alchemy. Caitlin gives him a sedative to ease his condition. Joe and Barry agree to go with Wally's plan.

Joe prepares a CCPD SWAT team to go after Alchemy. Wally is anxious but ready to assist find with finding Alchemy. Julian is mysteriously absent.

Caitlin apologizes for how she reacted to Cisco telling everyone what was going on. He assures her that they'll help her with her powers.

Barry, Wally, Joe and the SWAT team move in on Alchemy's base of operations at an abandoned subway. They find Alchemy and several acolytes kneeling. Wally approaches Alchemy, who offers to restore his powers.

Flash moves in, restraining the acolytes. Alchemy attacks Flash with the Philosopher's Stone while Wally battles an acolyte. Joe and the SWAT team move in to arrest Alchemy.

Alchemy bows as a streak of white lightning that only Barry can see moves through the room, freeing the acolytes and taking out the SWAT team. Flash tells them to get out and chases after the streak of white lightning.

Barry gets knocked down. Wally hears the Philosopher's Stone calling for him and he touches it, causing a cocoon to cover his body.

A speedster in a large suit of armor pins Barry to the wall. Again, only Barry can see him. He introduces himself as Savitar.



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  • When the first victim is attacked by "Shade", Julian remarks that they're looking for "a meta from Neverland", referencing the J. M. Barrie character Peter Pan, whose shadow had a mind of its own.
  • This episode marks Savitar's first official appearance, excluding his arm being seen in "Paradox".
  • At Hofherr Park, when told by Cisco to go get snacks, H.R. says they might not accept his earth's money and pulls out a coin called a helbing, which is a reference to Executive Producer Todd Helbing and Aaron Helbing.
  • When H.R. flashes everyone with his Facial transmogrification device, Cisco says, "Did you just neuralyze us?" This is a reference to the Men in Black franchise where the neuralyzer would flash people and erase their memories, giving them new memories.
  • It is revealed that a version of Gorilla Grodd exists on Earth-19.
  • Cisco wears a "Here's Kitty" T-Shirt, a spoof of The Shining even though he says that he doesn't like the film.


  • When H.R. suggests to reopen S.T.A.R. Labs as a museum for its new face, Caitlin and Cisco promptly reject his idea as on Earth-1, Harrison Wells (aka Eobard Thawne) is connected with the murder of Barry's mother and H.R. would be immediately arrested if he were to show his face outside of the lab. However, in "Monster", H.R. hands out coffee and breakfast to everyone which he had to have bought somewhere outside of the facility, yet no one seemed to be worried about that then or thought to tell him about the danger of being falsely recognized as a convicted murderer.
  • When Caitlin asks Cisco if he's ever vibed a future event that ended up not coming true, Cisco says no. This isn't true, as a year earlier, Cisco vibed the death of Tina McGee at the hands of Eobard Thawne, which Barry stopped before it happened.