For the eponymous character, see Shade (Earth-1). For the Earth-19 character after whom he was named, see Shade (Earth-19).
"I heard multiple witnesses said the man was attacked by a shadow."
Barry Allen

"Shade" is the sixth episode of the third season of The Flash, and the fifty-second episode overall. It aired on November 15, 2016.


When Wally starts having dreams about being Kid Flash, Barry realizes he has to tell Wally, Iris and Joe about what happened to Wally in Flashpoint in order to keep him safe.[src]


Wally tells Joe about dreams he has been having where he was "Kid Flash". Joe is convinced Wally's speedster fantasies are a result of Alchemy messing with Wally's head, but Wally instead believes it is because of the second particle accelerator explosion.

Back at |CCPD, Barry and Julian are in the lab exploring another husk, when Cecile flies in to dole out Barry to the metahuman group full time.

Cecile likewise plays with Joe and they plan a film night. Joe converses with Barry about Wally's Kid Flash dreams and the two of them discover that he's in a tough situation.

In the interim at STAR labs, fashionable person Wells is attempting to prevail upon Caitlin and Cisco, by recommending to revive STAR Labs as a historical center, utilizing him as the essence of the new fascination.

The at last break it to fashionable person Wells that his face is notable as a killer and he truly shouldn't step foot outside the lab.

Back at the West living arrangement, Barry confesses all with Wally, revealing to him that in the Flashpoint course of events he was a speedster battling The Rival, however he had no assistance and was at serious risk.

Regardless of what Joe and Barry state, Wally is determined to being Kid Flash and he will successfully get it going. He blames Joe for not believing him enough to leave him alone a speedster. Unfortunately, Wally leaves the room in tears.

Slice to an irregular clueless Wall Street type representative talking about exchanges and such on his PDA when a HUGE SHADOW MAN shows up out of nowhere and GRABS HIS THROAT!

Barry and Julian are on the scene the following morning, where witnesses are stating that the casualty was squashed by a tremendous shadow man.

Barry contacts Julian and welcomes him to family film night. Julian decreases and acts as they didn't choose to be closest companions after The Flash spared his life from the programmer kid. Joe and Barry don't have the foggiest idea where Wally is.

Back at STAR Labs, trendy person Wells shows up with a totally unique FACE! Cisco takes the face changer contraption and says he is keeping it until he gets the metahuman sleeves back that fashionable person Wells took from him.

Back in the cortex, Barry discloses to Team Flash about the shadow man. Trendy person Wells clarifies that on his planet a meta named SHADE had the option to move so rapidly he resembled a shadow.

Barry discloses to the group that he needs to concentrate on Wally, so he solicits Cisco to take care from the SHADE issue.

At that time Wally strolls into Central PD and converses with Joe, who clarifies that he is apprehensive about Wally getting his speed and he doesn't confide in what's befalling him.

Wally says he sees yet he has AN ATTACK of recollections flooding his cerebrum tumbles to the ground.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlyn uncovers to Cisco that she is beginning to become Killer Frost again and discloses to him how apprehensive she is. She asks him to VIBE into the future for her so she knows whether she will be terrible or acceptable.

Cisco does only that and sees a chilly scene of Killer Frost in a fight, however as opposed to revealing to Caitlyn what he truly saw...HE LIES TO HER and says he didn't see a thing.

Caitlyn looks at Wally to ensure he is alright and his vitals are fine. Wally says he had dreams of The Rival pursuing him and Barry affirms they are recollections from the Flashpoint course of events. All are worried about the possibility that that Doctor Alchemy is behind this!

Barry volunteers to remain behind with Wally at the lab, while the remainder of the team heads to family film night to see The Shining, including Cecile and phony face Wells.

Caitlyn sees that Cisco is acting bizarre since he vibed, and he discloses to her that he saw the them two battling each other in his future vision and he begs her to tell the remainder of Team Flash.

In the interim Joe and Cecile are getting a wide range of adorable together at the outside film. No doubt JOE! Put it all on the line!

Back at STAR labs, Barry and Iris are watching out for Wally, who is bolted up to guard him. Iris clarifies that it is so difficult to be an onlooker when all you need to do is help individuals.

Barry looks at her without flinching with a major grin and says, "regardless of what you think, there is no Flash without Iris West."

Back at the film counterfeit face Wells is going too far with Cecile with some coy contacts when out of nowhere SHADE shows up before the screen!

Joe shouts for everybody to move off the beaten path! Then Doctor Alchemy is conversing with Wally through is own psyche saying, "THE TIME HAS COME TO SET YOU FREE!"

Try not to hear him out Wally! He's going to hurt you!

NO! Wally is as a rule truly assaulted in his cell. Iris reveals to him he needs to battle through the fantasy. Specialist Alchemy is shouting in his ears and scratching his name on the glass.

Wally shouts, "OPEN THE DOOR!"

The Flash appears at attempt to get SHADE, which breaks out into a monstrous fight. The remainder of the posse bounces into the van to turn on the overhead lights.


Shade breaks down into a human a Barry puts the sleeves on him.

Wally is as yet being assaulted shouting to be discharged. Iris opens the entryway and he tosses her aside. Iris needs to punch him in the face to prevent him from coming up short on the lab.

Wally is free from any potential harm back in the cell. Group Flash makes sense of that SHADE more likely than not been sent by Doctor Alchemy as a stunt.

In the interim Cisco pushes Caitlyn to tell the remainder of the group that she is transforming into Killer Frost. He enlightens the group regarding the future vision and Barry leaves the space to comfort Caitlyn.

Caitlyn is extremely vexed and can't accept what is befalling her. Barry again accuses himself since he wrongly created Flashpoint, "Regardless of what I do, everything is unique."

Wally awakens and tells everybody that Doctor Alchemy is addressing him and needs him to come discover him, when another ATTACK STRIKES!

Wally is having a genuine difficult time, they give him a narcotic to assist him with quieting down. Joe and Barry chose to tune in to Wally and use him to discover Doctor Alchemy.

Joe gets ready with the remainder of the CCPD SWAT crew and prepares everybody for the arrangement. Wally is anxious, however prepared to assist find With doctoring Alchemy.

Caitlin apologizes for being furious with Cisco for spilling the Killer Frost beans. He advises her that, "with regards to the incomprehensible, we're the specialists."

The group moves into a surrendered metro region where Doctor Alchemy is covering up. He is as yet guiding Wally to come to him.

Wally is attempting to lead the way and The Flash lets him know, "it's alright to be frightened, how about we do this."

He strolls into an unpleasant dim room where hooded figures are bowing on the ground...

"Hi Wally," Doctor Alchemy says.

He inquires as to whether he needs the existence he wants to return.

Specialist Alchemy is TAKING OUT THE FLASH! Gee golly! Barry is in a tough situation! Joe enters with his group and shouts, "Jump on the GROUND!"

They reveal to Doctor Alchemy that it's finished, yet he says, "You have no clue about shouldn't something be said about's to start."

Barry is seeing dreams of a speedster in the room that nobody else can see. The speeding white streak takes out the entirety of the police and Wally gets a stone that transforms him into a stone column.

The white streak stops, grips Barry by the throat and lifts him to the ceiling, pronouncing itself "SAVITAR".



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  • When the first victim is attacked by "Shade", Julian remarks that they're looking for "a meta from Neverland", referencing the J. M. Barrie character Peter Pan, whose shadow had a mind of its own.
  • This episode marks Savitar's first official appearance, excluding his arm being seen in "Paradox".
  • At Hofherr Park, when told by Cisco to go get snacks, H.R. says they might not accept his earth's money and pulls out a coin called a helbing, which is a reference to Executive Producer Todd Helbing and Aaron Helbing.
  • When H.R. flashes everyone with his Facial transmogrification device, Cisco says, "Did you just neuralyze us?" This is a reference to the Men in Black franchise where the neuralyzer would flash people and erase their memories, giving them new memories.
  • It is revealed that a version of Gorilla Grodd exists on Earth-19.
  • Cisco wears a "Here's Kitty" T-Shirt, a spoof of The Shining even though he says that he doesn't like the film.


  • When H.R. suggests to reopen S.T.A.R. Labs as a museum for its new face, Caitlin and Cisco promptly reject his idea as on Earth-1, Harrison Wells (aka Eobard Thawne) is connected with the murder of Barry's mother and H.R. would be immediately arrested if he were to show his face outside of the lab. However, in "Monster", H.R. hands out coffee and breakfast to everyone which he had to have bought somewhere outside of the facility, yet no one seemed to be worried about that then or thought to tell him about the danger of being falsely recognized as a convicted murderer.



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