"Okay. When Lyla said an army, I thought she meant an army."
"She did. It's just that we've never faced one like this before.
Mia Smoak and Oliver Queen[src]

The shadow demons are the Anti-Monitor's footsoldiers, comprising a large army serving at his beck and call who operated during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. In the original timeline, they worked alongside Reverse-Flash.


Original timeline

In the year 2024, sometime after the Crisis, some witnesses claimed that they saw Reverse-Flash leading an army of "shadow demons".[1]

The Central City Citizen 2049 article

The Central City Citizen 2049 article.

Current timeline

Attack on Earth-38

Due to the changes in the timeline that occurred when Team Flash destroyed Cicada's dagger in 2019, the crisis happened in the year 2019. The Anti-Monitor tasked them to destroy the Quantum Tower since it slowed the Antimatter that should have destroyed Earth-38. A team of heroes fought the shadow demons, but as the heroes were extracted from the battle by the Monitor, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow made the ultimate sacrifice by fighting the shadow demons to his last breath.[2]

Attack on Earth-D

When Outkast arrived on Earth-D, he summoned an army of shadow demons to fight the Justice Alliance and other heroes while their Earth are destroyed by antimatter.[3]

Attack on Earth Prime

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Powers and abilities


  • Flight: Shadow demons have the ability to fly in the air.[2]


  • Lack of corporeal form: The bodies of these creatures are made of shadows and when anything touches them they dissipate. This means an individual shadow demon is extremely weak, forcing them to rely on numbers to overwhelm enemies.[2]


The Flash

Season 5

  • "Nora(name on newspaper)


Season 5


Season 8

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5


Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant


  • They behave similarly to the Time Wraiths in terms of how they move, look, and sound.
    • How they differ is that while the wraiths are actually protecting reality and time, the Shadow Demons are assisting their master in the destruction of the Multiverse.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Shadow Demons are a race of silent killers enslaved by the Anti-Monitor, who have a pretty dark origin. They're essentially the warped essences of Weaponers, a race of aliens from the planet Qward.


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