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"Shadow of Death: The Book of War" is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of Black Lightning, and the thirteenth episode overall. It aired on April 17, 2018.




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Hovering near death, Jefferson Pierce talks with his father Alvin. His father's words motivate him to wake up. There is one downside though – Black Lightning's powers are gone.

At the A.S.A. facility, the stasis pods are failing. Martin Proctor orders Lala brought to him to provide information on Tobias Whale. It is revealed that Tobias was behind Lala's resurrection and conditioned him to obey him. That tattoos are a constant reminder of the people that Lala has killed. Tobias takes to calling him "Tattoo Man." Tobias sends him to the A.S.A. with a bomb placed in his stomach which kills several agents but leaves Lala's fate unclear.

Proctor orders A.S.A. agents to raid the cabin that the Pierce family is at. Deputy Chief Bill Henderson finds out and dispatches police forces in pursuit. Jennifer uses her powers to restore Black Lightning's and the family, aided by Peter Gambi, defeat the A.S.A. agents.

Tobias, Syonide, and Khalil Payne attack the A.S.A. headquarters although Proctor is able to escape. He heads to the facility where the stasis pods are being kept and is confronted by the Pierce family and Gambi. During the confrontation, Gambi realizes that Proctor is running a rogue operation and kills Proctor.

Lynn Stewart exposes the stasis pods to the public and the media. Black Lightning and Thunder are hailed as heroes for stopping the experiments and the Pierce family vow that they will protect Freeland.

Tobias is in possession of Proctor's briefcase. Opening it, he finds something that will give him control of Freeland and to kill Black Lightning.