For the eponymous location on Earth-1, see Shanghai (Earth-1).
For the location on Earth-Prime, see Shanghai (Earth-Prime).

"Shanghai" is the thirteenth chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on January 2, 2013.


Oliver travels to China in pursuit of another target—but finds himself in an unexpected situation![1]


In Shanghai, two police officers chase a young boy, who yells for help. Meanwhile, Oliver attacks drug lord Shen Lei, warning the latter to stop bringing his drugs into Starling City.

A few minutes later, Oliver intervenes when the police officers corner and attempt to shoot the boy. He demands to know what is going on, but the officers simply decide to shoot them both. However, Oliver kills the duo by snapping their necks. Oliver asks the boy why the officers wanted to hurt him. The boy explains his father apparently didn't pay what he owed to the officers' boss, who beats the people of Shanghai unless they pay him "protection" money. Upon hearing this, Oliver agrees to help.

The boy brings Oliver to a dilapidated housing unit where his and many other families reside. One of the men initially demands Oliver leave, believing no one can save them. However, the boy's mother believes Oliver's good intentions and reveals the perpetrator is Gan Jaw-Long, the corrupt police sergeant of their district who lives on top of the building. As Oliver leaves to confront Gan, the boy gives him a medallion with a dragon for protection.

On the way, Oliver kills more corrupt officers on Gan's payroll. He later breaks into Gan's office and kills his men, eventually running out of arrows. Gan confronts Oliver at gunpoint, wondering why a man of his capabilities would help common people. Gan prepares to shoot him, but Oliver uses the medallion to slit his throat.

Oliver informs the residents that Gan has been dealt with. Overjoyed, the boy hugs him in thanks. Before leaving, Oliver gives the boy an arrowhead as a symbol of strength, urging him to never be afraid again.


  • When first encountering Oliver, the boy believes he has been sent by Xuan Wu, referencing the Taoist deity in Chinese folk mythology who is capable of powerful magic, such as controlling the elements, and particularly revered by martial artists.



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