Shape-shifters are beings who can shape-shift into any individual they see.


On Earth-1, shape-shifters are magical creatures, and their real form is unknown. They are able to assume any human form, along with whatever clothes they wish.[1] It's unknown whether they can assume non-human form. On Earth-38, shape-shifters are an extraterrestrial species. Unlike their Earth-1 counterparts, these species have their own form that they can transform back into.[2]



In ancient times, shape-shifters were considered as dangerous magical beings, opposed by humans. Knowing the local legends, John Constantine intended to send such creatures to hell, as they had been known to go on killing sprees as well as cause world wars. However, shape-shifters themselves, such as Charlie, considered the humans' actions unreasonable, and the idea of sending them into hell or Mallus's realm unfair, as most shape-shifters are deemed harmless.[1]


A shape-shifter was killed by Raymond Jensen, who was infected by Parasite.[2]

Known shape-shifters



Powers and abilities


  • Shape-shifting: As obvious in the name, shape-shifters have the ability to shape-shift into any individual that they see.[1][2]
    • Extended longevity: On Earth-1, their shape-shifting has an added byproduct of rejuvenating their being. Each time shape-shifters change form, their life-span is reset to potentially live forever.[3]
    • Regenerative healing factor: On Earth-1, their shape-shifting powers also afford them a form of rapid regenerative healing from harm. While seemingly unkillable thanks to this, shape-shifters are not beyond pain as severe enough injuries will temporarily subdue them.[4]


  • Lobotomic binding spell: On Earth-1, spellcasters can cast a binding spell, similar to lobotomy, on shape-shifters, locking them in their current form and preventing them from fully accessing their shape-shifting abilities.[1]


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