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Sharon Powell is a resident of Smallville and the mother of Derek Powell.


Early life

In 1994, Sharon gave birth to Derek Powell. She and her son lived in Smallville until Derek got a deal to work in New Carthage under Morgan Edge. Since then, she had gotten some money from his job, but eventually a voice message was all she heard back from him.[1]

Looking for her son

She then blamed Morgan Edge and went to the Smallville Gazette to ask Lois Lane and Chrissy Beppo for help, after she read an article they had done about the same. She had them hear Derek's voice message and told the whole story. Then she returned home, where she was attacked by David Fuglestad in order to keep her quiet about her findings. However, she was then saved by Lois and Superman.[1]

Derek's return and death

Sharon returned to the Smallville Gazette to share the news to Lois and Chrissy that her son, Derek, came back and expressed her gratitude for their help. Derek provided his statements of how he was in a coma and suffered from memory loss after accidentally hitting his head in a tunnel. A while after such an accident, she received a call from Derek when he was able to find one of his missing person posters.

When Lois and Chrissy tried to grill them about what truly happened to Derek, Sharon politely dismissed their inquiries, saying that what happened to her and him no longer matter. She was just grateful that his son was back. She instead advised them to write about her son's return.After their short visit to the newspaper, they both went to drop their donations for the donation drive of the Harvest Festival. Derek accidentally started a fire within the building's vicinity and fled, leaving Sharon upset with her son again. She instead just received a text from Derek saying he needs some "space."[2]

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