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Shay Lamden, nicknamed King Shark by Cisco Ramon, is a meta-human from Central City.


Mutation with shark cells

In late 2013, Lamden was told by Dr. Shults that he had a very little chance of survival, already being in the fourth stage of his illness. The doctor, however, suggested a clinical trial—using shark cells to help regenerate the dying body cells. As they began inserting the shark cells, the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, sending out theoretical particles, causing Shay to be mutated with the shark cells, giving him the head of a shark. He grew hungry, tearing apart Dr. Shults and eating him.[1]

Terrorizing Central City

A year later, Lamden intercepted some men in an alleyway and ate them. The following day, he went to find Gavin DeMarco at the Brighton Medical Facility. The doctor didn't recognize him, leading to Shay eating him.[2]

Lamden proceeded on to the city's aquarium, looking for another member of Dr. Shults' team to seek revenge upon. He broke in to an enclosure and began eating a penguin. Cisco Ramon snuck in, but was given away by his phone. Before "King Shark", as nicknamed by Cisco, could eat him, the Flash intercepted, but was bitten on the arm.[3]

The Flash tried to punch him in the nose to get him to let go, but that didn't work. Instead, he vibrated his arm quickly, which worked. The Flash was able to push King Shark in to the water, while Cisco opened up a circuit board and electrocuted the water. Quite literally shocking him, he broke out of the enclosure and escaped.[1]

Lamden went to outside his old apartment and began to eat garbage. He found a letter addressed to his wife, Christina Lamden. He threw it back in to the trash, but before he could escape he was trapped in by the Suicide Squad. Captain Boomerang threw a boomerang, but King Shark simply bit through it. Deadshot shot him, knocking him over, followed by Cupid shooting a trick arrow, which expanded in to a net, trapping him.[4]

Work with the Suicide Squad

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The Squad brought him back to A.R.G.U.S.' headquarters, where he was tortured by Amanda Waller and forced to become a member of the Squad, soon having his first mission overseas.[5]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human/Shark physiology: When Shay was exposed to the theoretical particles of the particle accelerator, he was being injected with regenerative shark cells, in the hopes of curing his stage-four illness. He was combined with these cells, causing his head to mutate in to that of a shark's.[1]



The Flash: Season Zero

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, King Shark is a supervillain hailing from the Pacific Ocean waters of Hawaii. He is an anthropomorphic Great White Shark named Nanaue, the next person in line for the titles of Shark God and King of All Sharks. This supervillain has been portrayed as being an early foe of Superboy (Conner Kent/Kon-El) and Aquaman.


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