Sheila Agnani is a billionaire tech mogul in Central City and former programmer who, with her friends, robbed Ramsey Deacon of his application "Kilg%re" and got rich off his idea.


In 2013, Sheila Agnani, together with Ramsey Deacon, Kurt Weaver, and Tim Kwon, created the malware app "Kilg%re" in a garage. On January 17, 2014, the team was awarded the Quasar Prize in the 25th edition of the annual "Quasar Award" in Keystone City. However, Ramsey's friends wanted to enrich the program and stole his idea, selling it to a large technology company for billions and leaving him with nothing.

Over the years, Sheila continued to work in the programming industry, gaining more recognition.

One day in October 2017, Sheila was playing a video game in her home when Tim visited her, revealing that Ramsey was after them and had murdered Kurt. Sheila was skeptical when Ramsey then broke inside and expressed anger at her for stealing "Kilg%re" from him. However, Sheila remained unapologetic for her past actions and mocked Ramsey for finally having "balls", despite Tim's warnings. Ramsey noticed her electric insulin pump and tampered with it to give her an overdose, sending Sheila into insulin shock. He then kidnapped Tim and fled. Fortunately, Kid Flash and Joe West quickly arrived on the scene and the former administered Sheila a shot of glucose, saving her life. Sheila then revealed to the duo that Ramsey had captured Tim.[1]


Sheila cares greatly about enriching technology to new heights and will do anything to be a part of it, to which she willingly stole her friend Ramsey Deacon's idea for fame and money. Even when confronted by Ramsey years later, Sheila remained prideful and unapologetic, displaying no remorse for her past actions. Sheila even claimed she was justified in stealing and selling "Kilg%re", believing it would have become "a halfway clever idea that died in someone's garage" if she hadn't.

However, after Ramsey attacked her and kidnapped Tim Kwon, Sheila was genuinely worried for her friend's safety and asked Kid Flash to rescue him, hinting she is starting to regret her previous selfishness.[1]


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert programmer: Sheila is known to be a proficient programmer, helping to create "Kilg%re", an effective malware application. Her work was great enough to earn a cover shot on a magazine and a Quasar Award. Three years later, Sheila had become known as a "big-deal tech guru", indicating she continued to be successful in programming.[1]


  • Sheila enjoys punk rock music.[1]
  • She is diabetic.[1]


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