Shelley Island is an island located off the coast of National City.

Shelley Island was converted into an interplanetary port of entry by President Olivia Marsdin for alien immigrants until her resignation. Afterwards, the Children of Liberty converted the island into a base until Supergirl foiled their plan.


Shelley Island has a large monument of a hand holding a torch. Power-dampening pylons located around the island's perimeter that negate alien powers.

The island housed an alien immigrant processing center and video terminals which played a short message from Supergirl welcoming the newcomers to Earth.[1]


At some point after initiating the Alien Amnesty Act, President Olivia Marsdin had Shelley Island converted into an alien immigration center to welcome and process incoming extraterrestrials.

In late 2018, Shelley Island was shut down and abandoned following Marsdin's resignation. Shortly after, the Children of Liberty converted the island into their base of operations.

After capturing both Supergirl and James Olsen, the Children of Liberty attempted to force James to make a propaganda video of him bombing the Shelley Island monument, while not knowing Supergirl was trapped inside. However, thanks to the intervention of Manchester Black, Supergirl threw the bomb away from the island and she and James were able to escape.[1]

After Phil Baker and Lex Luthor's crimes were exposed, Ben Lockwood was re-incarcerated in Shelley Island.[2]



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