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"All I ever wanted to do was to protect her. That's all I ever wanted. When we bury things... and I should've known this, but... when we bury things, they come at you even harder."
Patricia Arias

"Shelter from the Storm" is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the sixtieth episode overall. It aired on May 14, 2018.




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"Shelter from the Storm" begins with Lena getting dressed. She went through the night with James. The two are kissing before her window when it breaks and Reign flies in. Reign continues asking where Ruby is and Lena splashes her with an aerosolized-kryptonite spray. Reign takes off.

M'yrnn calls J'onn by an inappropriate name and J'onn offers to help attempt to reestablish his recollections.

On the Legion's ship, Imra clarifies how the individuals from the Legion despite everything dozing in their units were presented to the Blight later on. They didn't wake up on the grounds that Imra and Mon-El would not like to uncover the current course of events to the affliction.

Brainiac-5 and Winn say their goodbyes. Brainy endows Winn a vial of soil from the future to add to his collection.

Imra expresses gratitude toward Kara for assisting, not she'll have the option to spare her sister. Mon-El and Kara share their farewells with one another. Alex comes in to tell the group that there has been a break in at Lena's penthouse.

The DEO agents go to Lena's, the place they discover the Reign had broken in. Lena informs the group that Reign was the individual and she was requesting Ruby's location.

Lena reveals to the group that she's keeping Ruby at Lex's old house, which utilizes his innovation to make the entire compound undetectable.

Kara and J'onn choose to go talk with Sam's mom about Reign. Sam's mom in a split second understands that her adopted daughter is Reign.

Alex shows up at Lex's old chateau and converses with Ruby. Ruby in a flash asks about her mom, yet Alex imagines she knows nothing.

Kara and J'onn are talking in the kitchen at Sam's moms when they notice blossoms on the window ledge begin to shrivel. Reign has shown up and she's ingested the forces of both Purity and Pestilence.

Reign goes into the house getting out for her mom Patricia. Kara and J'onn are covering up. Reign utilizes her x-beam vision to investigate a storage room upstairs, where she thinks Ruby is stowing away. Reign goes to open the entryway and it's Kara. Kara ventures out in an attempt to stop Reign, yet she breaks out of the bonds. Reign, Kara, and J'onn all head outside and begin battling.

Reign utilizes the sonic forces she obtained from Purity against J'onn and Kara to thump them back. Patricia strolls outside attempting to address Sam, however Reign cuts her in the stomach. Kara can lose Reign Patricia and she escapes with Patricia and J'onn.

Mon-El and Brainiac-5 are watching out of the Legion ship towards Earth. Brainy reveals that he bugged the DEO with the soil he gave Winn. He tells Mon-El and Imra that Reign currently has the forces of every one of the three Worldkillers.

Kara makes it back to the DEO and takes Patricia and J'onn to the medical bay. Patricia makes Kara guarantee she'll disclose to Ruby that her grandma cherished her. When Kara vows to hand-off the message, Patricia dies.

James goes into Lena's office to disclose to her that Patricia is dead. James reveals to her that Reign consumed the forces of the other two Worldkillers. He has a go at persuading Lena to reveal to Kara that she realizes how to make kryptonite. James advises her that on the off chance that she approaches Kara as a partner, Kara will be thankful.

Imra advises Mon-El that they have to return to help stop Reign.

Lena goes to the DEO with an instance of kryptonite and shows it to Kara, who gets irritated. Kara orders Lena to hand over the kryptonite recipe, she says she should be the main individual on Earth that can control the kryptonite.

Ruby escapes outside and has a go at calling her mother. Reign's agonizing as she drifts over National City and hears Ruby creation the call. Ruby sneaks back inside, however Alex gets her.

Reign discovers Lex's chateau. An alarm goes off at the DEO that cautions Team Supergirl to Reign's essence. Mon-El shows up at the DEO to get them out. Alex and Ruby can get to a sheltered room in the base of the chateau, however Reign's ready to break her way in.

Reign's strolling over to Ruby when Kara and Mon-El stroll in. The two utilize Lena's produced kryptonite to debilitate Reign and they start battling her. In the following battle, Reign's veil is knocked off and Ruby makes the acknowledgment that her mother is Reign.

While Kara is diverting Reign from Ruby, Mon-El pulverizes the kryptonite and burdens it into one of Lex's firearms. He discharge it at Reign, who's crippled by the kryptonite shots.

At Lena's den, Kara apologizes to Lena for her activities prior. She concedes that they could never have beaten Reign without Lena's kryptonite. They're keeping Reign in Lena's holding cell.

Alex is conversing with Ruby about the night's sooner occasions. Alex guarantees Ruby that what she saw wasn't her mom. She concedes that she was concealing Reign's genuine character to ensure Ruby.

Kara and Lena find each other in the lift. Kara has her glasses on so Lena doesn't perceive she's Supergirl. Lena uncovers that she has no trust for Supergirl.




  • The episode's title is a reference to the Bob Dylan song "Shelter from the Storm".
  • Mon-El acknowledges the 1985 film Back to the Future after using the phrase.
  • Alex suggests that she and Ruby watch the 1974 film Young Frankenstein.
  • In Lex's mansion, there is a version of the painting St. Michael Vanquishing Satan by Raphael.
  • M'yrnn mistakes Kara for Ursula and says he does not agree with Kem-L regarding the Eradicator Project. "Ursula" could be a corruption of Ursa, a Kryptonian supervillain who is an ally of General Zod and Non in the comics. The Eradicator was a semi-sentient Kryptonian artifact designed to preserve its people's history, but the militant Kem-L, an ancestor of the House of El, corrupted it to destroy all other cultures in the process. The Eradicator was also responsible for altering the DNA of a group of Kryptonian colonists, thus creating the Daxamites.
  • The traps in the mansion in front of the vault resemble the ones set by Lex Luthor in the 1978 film Superman.
    • Furthermore as Reign walks down the hallway to Lex's vault, she is shot with machine guns, fire, and ice. This is the same as Superman experiences breaking into Lex's underground hideout in a previously deleted scene from the movie.


  • When Mon-El returns to Earth, he tells Supergirl that Brainiac 5 calculated her chances of defeating Reign, which were "exponentially" improved with the help of a Legionnaire. However, Brainiac stated the chances of success were 51% alone, and 83% with the Legion's help, which is only a 32% improvement. For the improvement to be exponential, it would need to be multiplied by at least a factor of 10.