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"You think you’re so tough because you spent five years in Hell? I was born in it."
Ricardo Diaz taunting Oliver Queen

"Shifting Allegiances" is the twentieth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirty-fifth episode overall. It aired on April 26, 2018.



The episode opens with some intoxicated individuals talking in Russian, chuckling following a night out. At the point when one of them offers to draw his date home by giving a few medications, he is shot with an arrow. As Green Arrow gets a move on, the rest of the team escapes.

He carries the vendor to the Bratva, offering the man's domain in return for some help.

Somewhere else, Curtis and Rene head to Rene's condo, where his daughter and Dinah are holding up with an unexpected gathering. He is anxious to bring down Diaz, yet they disclose to him that since Diaz has so much force, it will be difficult to do.

At ARGUS, Diggle briefs a group on Diaz's exercises, including his legislative and law implementation associations. He needs to utilize ARGUS assets to screen Diaz and his kin nonstop.

His boss comes to keep an eye on how he's adjusting, saying that the job suits Diggle, and that he has revealed to Lyla beneficial things about him, as well. He offers a lead on Diaz — a firearm lobbyist who runs weapons for The Quadrant. ARGUS has a group holding on to take her out, yet Diggle says not to, on the grounds that she may rather lead them directly to Diaz.

At his sanctuary, Diaz is trusting that his suit will be custom fitted when Black Siren appears. He goes to kiss her, however she is disinterested; she additionally broke a date with him the previous evening to go about as his muscle at the docks.

He discloses to her that he needs her to carry him up close and personal with Lance so they can "set out a portion of the standard procedures," and that he doesn't believe her to do it without anyone's help yet needs her to set it up. She vows to get it going.

In a very much outfitted structure, Anatoly is viewing a ball game with his men when he sees something move over his floor. He gazes upward and the entirety of his men have been taken out by sedative darts. Oliver is there to converse with him. The Bratva man Oliver had seen had given Oliver a blade, which he presents Anatoly, revealing to him that he has been restored in the Bratva and that he would now be able to get back. He approaches Anatoly for help halting Diaz, and Anatoly stuns him with a taser.

At the point when Oliver awakens, he is affixed to a seat, while Anatoly beverages and talks him. He says that he no longer needs back in with the Bratva, that he gave him his entire life and that they underestimated him.

Oliver cautions him that Diaz will do more regrettable, yet Anatoly figures Diaz will make him rich. He discloses to Oliver that he can't in any way, shape or form bring Diaz down all alone. Oliver reveals to him that the group parts his center, diverting him, yet Anatoly thinks this is a silly translation.

Back at the New Team Arrow shelter, Rene plans to get ready as Wild Dog when the group enlightens him concerning the disintegration of Team Arrow. Rene professes not to mind, saying that bringing down Diaz was continually going to come down to them.

They realize that Diaz must be searching for another Vertigo provider now that Oliver and Diggle have brought down his activity.

At a Chinese café, Lance appears to be glad to have a feast with "Laurel" yet she reveals to him she's heartbroken. Diaz comes in and plunks down. He presents Lance with an official request he needs him to sign. Lance discloses to him he won't, however Diaz begins kissing Siren and utilizing her to get to him. The pair leave together, Siren clearly feeling remorseful about the entire thing.

At a betting nook in the Glades, NTA sets up a laser receiver. They hear insights regarding an arrangement going down, however don't get the entire story; a man remains before the laser. Rene draws the man away for quite some time for Curtis to hear the area of the drop, and they leave.

NTA gets ready that night to stop the arrangement, which they accept to be for drugs. They take out a couple of posse individuals and open up the cartons to uncover a colossal number of weapons.

Outside, there is gunfire: Two fighting teams shooting weapons at each other jump in, with the arms vendor seen at ARGUS before administering the entire thing. NTA runs into security in transit out, and Rene freezes, having a PTSD response when he recollects the last time he got shot. The group is noticed, however protected, when Diggle and his ARGUS group appear.

Back at the NTA fortification, Diggle briefs NTA on the Quadrant. They make sense of that the Scorpions and the Quadrant are evidently in conflict, and they got trapped in the middle.

Diggle apologizes to NTA for the manner in which things played out, and they get directly back to work.

Green Arrow shows up, educating the group about Diaz's interest in a city building he needed given to him. He tells the group that Diaz is wearing a Quadrant ring, and Diggle asks him where the structure is.

At Anatoly's, Oliver by and by cautions him about the dangers of working with Diaz. Anatoly isn't stressed: he doesn't get Diaz, and he comprehends Diaz's code. Oliver, however, says Diaz doesn't have a code, or any respect, and that by working with him, Anatoly is selling out all that he puts stock in.

At the structure where NTA and Diggle think Diaz needs to store his approaching weapons shipment, Rene trusts in John that he can't quit pondering death. He realizes it was PTSD, and discloses to Diggle that it's less about dying but rather more about his dread that he could disregard his daughter. Diggle reveals to Rene that he needs to compartmentalize his life all together for everything to work and that he realizes it is difficult to do in the wake of being out fo the game for some time.

A truck shows up and backs up to a stacking dock; a couple of men fire stacking it up with boxes. It turns out the Quadrant isn't carrying firearms into the city, but transporting them out.

At the city hall leader's office, Black Siren stays with Lance. The two banter; she reveals to him that he needs to work with Diaz. At long last, Lance understands that she has been utilizing his sadness over the genuine Laurel against him and that aggravates her about Diaz. She discloses to him she is terrified of Diaz and she ought to be to, and urges him to sign the request, or Diaz is going to slaughter him. He advises her there is not, at this point any requirement for her to live in his home, and shows her out of his office.

Diggle believes that even with ARGUS backing them up, it is highly unlikely to stop a shipment that enormous from escaping the city. Rather, the arrangement is to crush it.

In the shelter, Rene has another episode and John sees him. He inquires as to whether Rene is alright, and Rene lets him know no. He says he can't go out there like this, and Diggle comprehends and discloses to him it's alright, even while the remainder of NTA appears to be stunned by it and Rene feels embarrassed.

Lance returns home to discover Black Siren pressing her things. He asks her for what valid reason she's so terrified, and she says that Diaz is a beast. He reveals to her he comprehends what she's doing; that he worked for Damien Darhk so as to guard Laurel, and afterward how Darhk killed her when Lance double-crossed him.

Lance signs the paper, however says that she can possibly keep it on the off chance that she consents to let him assist her with escaping from Diaz. She believes it's unthinkable yet concedes to standard.

At a Quadrant site, Anatoly's men bring Oliver, still in chains, to where Diaz is hanging out.

NTA and ARGUS are watching the distribution center from above, and Diggle hands out spheres that will make the weapons obvious objectives for drone weapons. Curtis occupies the security detail with T-spheres while he goes around putting the plates secretly on trucks. When he has a large portion of them done, the remainder of the group begins to join, and ARGUS sends in the first of the automatons, which bomb a large portion of the trucks.

The arms seller makes her getaway as Curtis neglects to get a plate onto the last truck — however by yielding a T-sphere, he figures out how to do as such and the truck is wrecked.

Diaz goes into the room where Oliver is being continued, yelling about the mission that NTA and ARGUS just embraced. He punches Oliver when he denies being included, and keeps on punching him after Oliver continues deriding him.

Anatoly protests, disclosing to Diaz that he battles without respect, and Diaz appears to acknowledge it, even while making threatening countenances at Anatoly. Diaz provokes Oliver to a battle, where the washout consents to leave the city, saying “That’s fair, isn’t it.”

The two battle. Diaz gets the high ground, yet Oliver figures out how to switch it and winds up on top. When he is firmly in charge, Diaz takes a concealed knife and stabs him in the side. Diaz taunts Oliver, “Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.” Oliver tells Diaz, "You have failed this city, and I'm going to take it back." Diaz leaves, deserting Anatoly with Oliver.

Anatoly meets Oliver in a solid cell, bringing him gauzes and salve. Anatoly reveals to Oliver that he needed to see with his own eyes which one of them had respect, and that he thinks Oliver arranged the entire thing.

Oliver discloses to him that he just idea he could depend on Anatoly to be the man he knew. Anatoly instructs him to hustle just a bit with the wraps; that he has plans to get Oliver out. Promptly, however, one of Diaz's men appears at call Oliver.

Back at the NTA dugout, Diggle, Curtis, and Dinah are praising their "win." They welcome him to join the group, yet Diggle says he intends to oversee it with ARGUS. That doesn't mean they can't help one another, however.

Back at Rene's place, Curtis comes to see him. Rene isn't sure the group actually needs him, and he keeps freezing up at whatever point he ponders going out there. Zoe comes in and reveals to him that she realizes that he's Wild Dog; she discloses to him that she needs him to battle for their home, and that it was startling when he was harmed, yet that he instructed her to be courageous and to confront dread. He embraces her and discloses to her that he will.

At Diaz's place, Black Siren comes in to see him, bringing the official request he had requested. He says he doesn't think about the request itself, however that he was trying Quentin's dedication. A man with a weapon gets Oliver. Diaz discloses to Oliver that he doesn't need Oliver to leave the city any longer, however that he will rather utilize his political associations with rig Oliver's preliminary. He gets a group of corrupt cops to capture Oliver, and Oliver's bail is disavowed.


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  • Curtis likens working as a cohesive team to Captain Planet or Power Rangers
  • This is Rene's first appearance since "Collision Course".
  • This is the first episode that Felicity appears without having any lines.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Anatoly is shown watching a Starling City Rockets game.
  • Diaz chose May 3 as the court date for Oliver, which is the air date for the next episode, "Docket No. 11-19-41-73".
  • The fight between Oliver and Diaz may be a reference to Batman and Bane's first fight in The Dark Knight Rises. Diaz states to Oliver "You think you're so tough because you spent five years in hell? I was born in it." The quote is reminiscent to Bane's quote, "Oh, you think darkness is your ally? But you merely adopted the dark. l was born in it. Molded by it." There's also the lack of music and the fact the fight ends with Diaz beating Oliver, although by "cheating" at least in Anatoly's eyes.
  • When Quentin discusses Damien Darhk, Black Siren confirms that there is a counterpart of his living on Earth-2.
  • The location that Laurel and Diaz meet Quinton at is the set of Jitters redressed.