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"Ship Broken" is the tenth episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-eighth episode overall. It aired on May 5, 2020.



Charlie uses the Loom

Charlie uses the Loom of Fate

Lita is walking in the park when she is surprised by Mick, who apologizes for missing her soccer practice as he was stuck in hell. He tells her Ali suggested they could bond over the weekend and she agrees. She asks what they should do and Mick asks if she would like to go to the roller derby. Uninterested, she claims to have a history exam to study for and Mick agrees she should go. He uncloaks the Waverider to leave, and tells an astonished Lita that it is a time ship. She asks to see it and claims that it could help her with her history exam and Mick agrees to let her on board, smiling as she runs excitedly towards it. On the Waverider, Constantine expresses his delight that Astra is finally out of hell after he had been fighting so long to get her back to Earth. Astra says he is likely the only person happy to see her, but he tells her the Legends befriend anyone who hasn't tried to kill them in a week. She tells him she will leave once her mother is resurrected. On the bridge, Charlie is doing meditation to get into the right headspace to weave the Loom of Fate. Gary arrives with a dog he calls " Gary Junior" claiming it is his emotional support animal. Charlie is ready to weave the Loom and asks what the first weave should be, but there is a conflict between resurrecting Astra's mother, Behrad or wake Sara from her coma. As they are unable to decide, Charlie decides to resurrect Behrad first. Charlie begins to piece the Loom together and tells them she sees Behrad's thread but remarks that it appears to be in a tangled mess. As she tries to fix it, a huge energy wave emerges knocking everyone back and disabling the Waverider.

The Legends regain consciousness and Gideon reports that they are now running on backup power. Charlie tells them she failed to use the Loom, as she has never weaved it without her sisters. Astra suggests that she could try to help since Lachesis was preparing her to be a Fate, but Charlie tells her a normal human could burn up form the inside if they tried using the Loom themselves. Ava suggests they fix the Waverider in the meantime and Constantine proposes that he return to his house to research on the Loom. Astra is unhappy that she left her empire in hell just to do nothing as Gideon reports that the Loom took all time travel functions offline, meaning there is no way off the ship. Mick angrily says that he promised Lita could time travel for her history exam and tells Lita they should find a room for her to study in. In the medbay, Ava tells an unconscious Sara how she needs her and Sara begins to awaken. However when she opens her eyes, she appears to be blind. Gideon tells them she is unable to diagnose or treat Sara until the main generator is online again. Ava tells Sara to rest but when she grabs her hand, Sara has a vision of Ava lying dead in the galley.

Sara makes a blindfold for herself and refuses to tell Ava what she saw, brushing it off as a weird reaction from coming out of a console. She tells Ava that she trained for weeks with a blindfold in the League of Assassins, and that she is currently the best person to fix the ship. As Ava tries to catch her up, they run into Mick who introduces them to Lita. When Sara shakes Lita's hand she has a vision of Lita crying over Mick's corpse, taking her aback. In the lab, Astra finds Zari looking at a picture of Behrad and asks if they were close. Zari tells her they were estranged but had recently become close until his death. Astra tells her that she has an idea how Zari could resurrect Behrad. In the library, Lita asks if she could explore the ship instead, but Mick insists that she study for the exam. She asks if anyone on the ship knows history and Mick introduces her to Nate, who impresses her with his knowledge and his superpowers. Nate tells Mick to get them snacks to study and he reluctantly agrees to. On the bridge, Constantine tells Sara her blindness is a mystery asking if there are any other side effects. As he brushes her chin, Sara experiences a vision of Constantine's corpse with a shard of glass in his chest. Sara denies anything and Constantine tells her that Astra Logue is on the ship. Ava explains that Astra was only meant to be here temporarily but then the Loom failed to work. Afraid that Astra is responsible for the visions she saw, Sara tells Constantine to be constantly by her side. In the lab, Astra tells Zari that Charlie is just out of practice from using the Loom, and suggests she practice on an easier thread like her mother's. Astra reasons that if Charlie succeeds with her mother she may be ready to try resurrecting Behrad as well. As the Legends are unlikely to listen to her, she suggests Zari propose this instead which Zari seemingly agrees to. In the galley, Mick is making the snacks by hand as the fabricator appears to have been damaged in the explosion. Gary joins him and advices him that parenting is a thankless job, but it will be clear that the child appreciates it. As Junior makes a mess, Gary cleans it up and prepares to throw it in the trash when he appears to have discovered something curious in the trash chute. On the bridge, Ava is helping a blind Sara repair the ship. Charlie checks in on Sara who brushes off her blindness as no big deal. Charlie tells Sara that she is the first mortal to see a true form of a God and she knows Sara is lying about not experiencing side effects. Sara admits to having visions of people's deaths when she sees them but did not want to upset anyone, claiming it is likely just some internal fear after waking from a coma. Charlie suggests that being the Paragon of Destiny, seeing Atropos true form gave Sara the gift of foresight, but Sara refuses to believe this as it would mean some of the Legends will be killed soon. Charlie tells them Astra must have been the one to kill them, but Ava insists that Astra can be trusted as she saved them in hell. Zari enters to tell them that Astra attempted to manipulate her and Gary enters as well to reveal that someone has thrown the box containing the rings into the trash. Zari asks Gideon who did this, but Gideon informs them that someone has sabotaged her internal monitoring system.

The Legends decide to put Astra in the holding cell, who tells them she should have known that they would blame her for the first thing that goes wrong. Constantine defends Astra, as she would not know how to sabotage Gideon, with Ava telling him that is the only reason they kept her here on the ship instead of throwing her into the temporal zone. Astra tells Constantine that she was shown more hospitality in hell and regrets trusting Constantine. He asks if Astra did trust him, or if she just ran out of options. In the library, Mick returns to find Nate telling Lita about the powers the Legends have and she asks if Mick has a superpower. Mick tells her he has his heat gun but she tells him she dislike guns. Attempting to remedy the situation, Nate tells Lita that Mick funds their entire operation by stealing, prompting Lita to point out that stealing is why Mick went to prison and missed her childhood. Nate suggests that Mick instead show Lita his "souvenirs" from Marie Antoinette and tells Mick to go along with it and show Lita his collection. Meanwhile Ava and Sara enter the server room and confirm that the system was sabotaged with Zari telling them she believes it was Astra. Zari goes to see her Astra to convince her to admit she stole the rings. Astra laughs at her attempt and instead points out that she must have been hurt when Constantine chose to save Astra's mother instead of Behrad. Zari realizes Astra is trying to manipulate her and the latter suggests Zari focus on discovering who really took the rings. In the server room, Constantine arrives and tells them he still has faith in Astra. When Sara grabs his finger, she sees the vision of his death again, but this time sees a reflection showing that she is the murderer. Sara tells Constantine and Ava that she believes she cannot be trusted and asked to be locked in the med bay. They point out that in spite of her skills as an assassin it seems unlikely that she will be able to kill everyone now that she is blind and has warned everyone. Sara insists on being locked in the med bay while Ava and Constantine look into this, even though they are unsure of what Sara is asking them to investigate. Mick brings Lita to his treasure trove, which contains about a billion dollars. Lita realizes this is all of his money and suggests he invest it, before proposing that they could travel back in time to become wealthy by buying Manhattan in the 1600s or invent bitcoin. Mick then abruptly pushes Lita out of the room and tells her this room is now off limit to her. She scoffs that he is pushing her away just as they were starting to connect and calls him a terrible father. In the lab, Zari attempts to hack the backup feed to discover who is responsible for the sabotage when Nate and Charlie enters to inform them that Sara has locked herself in the med bay. When the backup feed is available they discover that it was Charlie who took the rings and flushed them down the toilet, Zari sabotaged Gideon and Nate destroyed the food fabricator. However the 3 of them have no memory of doing so. Astra asks to be released since the footage showed it wasn't her, but the 3 of them insist that she could have somehow controlled their minds to her chagrin. In the med bay, Gary visits Sara and gives her Gary Junior when she hears Junior telling her to kill him and she complies. Junior then tells her to kill everyone and she smiles. This is revealed to be a vision triggered when Sara held Junior, leading Sara to realize that Junior is the true culprit.


The hell hound's true form

Sara heads to the parlor to explain everything to Ava and Constantine but her explanation leaves them bewildered, with Constantine remarking that Sara was right to lock herself up. She asks to be taken to the med bay where she can prove it, but Junior is missing. Ava tells Gary to help her find Junior while Constantine watches Sara in the med bay. In the lab, Charlie, Zari and Nate discover that Junior was present when the 3 of them were sabotaging the ship. Ava asks where Gary found Junior and he sheepishly reveals that he found him in hell. Gary also reveals that he kept hearing Junior talk about the "Son of Sam", and Ava realizes that Junior is the demon dog of the Son of Sam. In the lab, Junior begins barking as Charlie warns everyone not to listen. While Zari claims to only hear barking, Nate tells them he hears valid points on why he should kill everyone and attempts to murder them with a stool, but stops when Gary blows a dog whistle and break Junior's concentration. Ava asks why the dog is doing this and the dog reveals he is the Canine of Chaos who wanted them to kill each other but decided to kill them himself. He assumes his hell hound form prompting everyone to rush into the holding cell with Astra, but when they turn around the hound is missing. Sara and Constantine hear the roar of the hell hound and Constantine realizes that Sara was right when he sees it crawl through the vent. In the lab, the holding cell is cramped but Astra demands to be let out after learning the dog belongs to the Son of Sam. Zari tells Ava to let her out since they were wrong not to trust her in the first place. Once Astra is out however, she reactivates the forcefield and shrinks it to an uncomfortable size as revenge for their mistreatment earlier. Meanwhile, Mick attempts to explain himself to Lita who has locked herself in the library and refused to listen to him. Unknown to her, the hell hound is in the vent behind her. Sara decides to use her foresight to find the hell hounds and sees a vision of it killing Mick in the library. As Lita screams, Mick breaks in and tries to fend off the hell hound but fire is useless against it. Constantine and Sara arrive in time, with Constantine using a spell to get the hell hound to chase after him instead. He tells Sara to protect him but she points out that she is blind. He responds that she isn't deaf and she uses her training to save Constantine's life. Constantine says he can banish it to hell but he needs to know its name, when Astra arrives and tells him its name is Marchosias. Constantine manages to perform the spell and banishes it to hell, as it curses Astra for foiling its fun.

Sara sees Hellhound with her new power

Sara sensing the Hellhound

Ava and Sara managed to bring the Waverider back online with Gideon reporting that all functions are restored. Gary enters covered in filth explaining that he went into the waste disposal system to find the rings. He apologizes for bringing the hell hound onto the ship and Sara tells him it is fine because he was probably mind controlled but he reveals he just thought the hound was cute. To replace it, he has adopted a rabbit, but one that a mysterious carnie gave him while warning that it should never be fed past midnight. Mick finds Lita in the galley and attempts to explain that he only wants what is best for her. Lita forgives him for being abrupt with her but he insists on explaining himself with a speech he has prepared. Lita interrupts him to say she understands that he doesn't want her to suffer as he did. She also understands that even though they found common ground in their love of money, they shouldn't pursue it. She does however still want to spend the weekend with him and calls him "Dad" for the first time, as Mick wonders what they could do together. On the bridge Zari attempts to talk to Astra who maintains that she only saved the Legends because it helped her. Astra tells Zari she is comfortable with an arrangement where the Legends and her will use each other but Zari is unsatisfied with that, suggesting their relationship could be more than that. She offers to show Astra around the ship but Astra turns her down as she does not plan to stay for long. She does however appreciate Zari's offer. In the med bay, Gideon performs a scan of Sara but it reveals that there is nothing medically wrong with her, meaning there is nothing that Gideon can do to cure Sara's blindness.



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Preparation ran from November 5 until November 14, 2019. Shooting ran from November 15 until November 27, 2019.[1]




  • When Zari is looking at the picture of her and Behrad, the emotional poignant theme is heard playing from the episode "Marooned", when Snart pretended to kill Rory and instead actually left him marooned in an unknown time period.
  • Gary says he got "Gary Jr. II", a rabbit, from a mysterious carnie, who told him not to feed it after midnight, an obvious reference to the film Gremlins, where one rule is not to feed the Mogwai past midnight.
  • Several callbacks to previous episodes are made:
    • Sara mentions several people who have left the ship for different reasons (Ray, Jax, Rip).
    • Ava's serial killer podcast is mentioned again.
  • The title of the episode references Gary referring to Marchosias, as Gary Junior, not being ship broken after the latter urinated on the ship. It also refers to the broken state of the Waverider.


  • Sara is surprised when Gideon states that there are no abnormalities in her ocular region, but Sara should have already seen past this point while talking to Ava.