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For the eponymous character, see Tokugawa Iemitsu.
"Guys, bottom line is, if the Shogun has the A.T.O.M. suit, it's not just Masako and the village we have to protect. He can use it to conquer the whole region."
Nate Heywood

"Shogun" is the third episode of the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the nineteenth episode overall. It aired on October 27, 2016.




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In the wake of monitoring Nate's clinical advancement, Stein and Palmer are astounded and taken out by Vixen - who follows that up by getting the bounce on Canary and Jax before at long last holding a blade on Mick, censuring him for killing Hourman.

After a concise tussle, she's going to slaughter Mick when she's halted by Nate - whose whole body is apparently made of fluid metal. He's as shocked as any other individual about it.

Afterward, Sara volunteers Ray to help the recently printed Steel get familiar with the ropes of his forces, at that point goes to keep an eye on Vixen. She takes steps to get away and kill Rory, clarifying that she accepts he killed Hourman. Canary concedes that they've been following a rebel time traveler, and that it may be the executioner. She makes Vixen vow not to slaughter Rory except if they can affirm that he really merits it.

In another room, Ray clarifies that he thinks the danger introduced by Amaya (Vixen) set off an adrenal reaction, and that is the thing that made Steel's forces show. He chooses to test this hypothesis by terminating one of his gauntlets at his kindred Legend.

Somewhere else, Sara is bringing Amaya through the boat, clarifying that since there's a rebel time traveler included, they can't simply go back and spare Hourman without risking making the trouble maker mindful of it, driving him to go back further and kill Hourman prior, further harming time. She attempts to send Vixen away, revealing to her that she guarantees goal, however Vixen demands remaining until the executioner is brought to justice.While Ray and Nate are trying Nate's new powers, Ray gets hurled against a freight entryway, thumping it open. The two are tossed out into the timestream.

With the boat immediately harmed, Ray tracks Nate to Feudal Japan, where every one of them collides with the ground, making a huge crater. When Ray gets up, his hole is encircled by Samurai, one of whom takes him out from behind.

When Nate rises and shines, he's on the rear of a pony, being driven by a young lady. She drives Nate to her dad, whom she needs to think about the harmed man (over his own fights that if the Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu discovers, he will protest).

In a cell, Ray is being tied up and interrogated by the Shogun's men - when the Shogun himself comes to guarantee the shield over Ray's complaints.

Back in the town, Masako (the young lady from prior) is helping wash Nate, who agitates her by getting some information about the Shogun. Things being what they are, he's truly notorious...and she's locked in to be engaged to him without wanting to tomorrow.

Back on the Waverider, Amaya and Mick keep on arguing, until Sara at long last has enough and reprimands them to thump it. Jax keeps on working ceaselessly at fixing the boat - and when he believes he's done, Stein runs a diagnostics report, during which it's uncovered that there's an additional compartment in the boat that Jax was at no other time mindful of. The two choose to follow it down.

In the town, Masako is drawn nearer by the Shogun's men, who inquire as to whether she's seen any outsiders. She denies it, yet before they can leave, Nate comes out to stand up to them. He gets hammered when his powers won't work, including a blade to the gut.

They leave him there to seep out and make a subtle provocation to Masako about the threats of astonishments. Afterward, she and her dad attempt to nurture Nate back to wellbeing at the same time, as a hemophiliac, he is almost certain he's in a bad way as he floats off into obviousness.

Somewhere else in the forested areas, Mick, Amaya, and Sara are in period clothing and following the ATOM suit, all while contending in light of the fact that Mick is fixated on ninjas, and Amaya is certain they don't exist. Sara, utilizing the League of Assassins as proof, sides with Rory.

On the Waverider, Stein and Jax locate a mystery entryway that drives them to a keypad set up by Rip Hunter. Jax is hesitant to attempt to break it.

Close by, Amaya, Sara, and Mick discover the Shogun wearing the ATOM protection when they track it down. While Ray breaks out of his cell, Sara and the Shogun's lieutenant - the person who wounded Nate - get down to business. At the point when he begins to show signs of improvement of her, Vixen wrecks him - yet the Shogun has made sense of how to make the vitality impacts on the suit work, and pursues them down. They salvage Ray and make their getaway.

At Masako's home, Nate understands that the serum has recuperated his hemophilia. He enlightens Masako regarding the condition, and the two have an association. They are going to kiss when Ray and the others come to recover him. He discloses to them they need to remain and keep the Shogun from wedding Masako, and Sara understands that it's simpler to guard a town than storm a stronghold, so they intend to take out the Shogun and his men when he comes to recover his lady of the hour.

On the boat, Jax and Stein are investigating the concealed room - obviously an arsenal. One of their developments awakens a PC screen where there's a voice message from Barry Allen - in 2056. He has a message he needs Hunter to leave well enough alone, even from the remainder of his group.

Ray works with Nate, attempting to get his forces to return on the web. Ray uncovers that the best way to overcome the Shogun is to explode the suit, leaving Ray with nothing.

Somewhere else in the town, Amaya and Sara talk about Amaya's forces and the trust Sara has for Mick.

At Masako's home, her dad discloses to Ray an account of his child, for whom he made the most grounded protection and the best blade in Japan. He says that the Shogun requested his child to submit seppuku, so as to expel the well known samurai from his men. He advises Ray to tail him.

Somewhere else, Nate keeps on battling with his absence of forces, conversing with Masako, who offers him some guidance. At the point when the Shogun and his men approach, he sends her to stow away and goes to stand up to the Shogun. He's impacted into obviousness by an impact from the ATOM suit, and afterward Ray appears with the protective layer and blade of Masako's sibling to challenge him.

Outside a close by sanctuary, a gathering of the Shogun's men drove by his lieutenant corner Sara, however between her abilities and Amaya's forces, they figure out how to battle the men off.

Ray gets down to business with the Shogun; in the close by woods, Mick winds up getting assaulted by a trio of ninjas, who are going to drag him away to his last destiny; Sara and Amaya are about gotten done with the men when Mick, wearing a ninja's outfit, takes out the last pair. Subsequent to thumping Ray over, the Shogun is assaulted by Masako, who takes up her sibling's blade, which Ray had dropped. He rapidly improves of her, however, and is going to convey a murdering blow when Nate appears, presently as Steel. While Sara executes the Shogun's lieutenant, Nate effectively crushes the suit utilizing the situation and system Ray indicated him before. He is sorry to Ray, however Ray says he's pleased with his companion making sense of his forces.

That night, Nate begins to ask Masako out, however she reveals to him that he needs to come back to the sky. They kiss, and he gives her the katana, revealing to her that he perceived how honorably she faced the Shogun before. He recommends she could be the town's defender.

Ray asks Masako's dad his family name: it's Yamashiro, the group of the Suicide Squad's Katana. Everybody says their farewells, with Rory upset he has "no confirmation ninjas exist."

Afterward, on the boat, Amaya discloses to him that she realizes he's not so much such a trouble maker behind his veneer. He denies it, and she throws a ninja star at him, revealing to him it's proof that the ninja truly exist.

As Sara prepares for departure, Jax and Stein banter whether to educate the group regarding Barry's message. They choose not to, for the present.


Preparation ran from August 2 until August 10, 2016. Shooting ran from August 11 until August 22, 2016.[1]



  • Ray has Nate destroy his A.T.O.M. suit because they cannot get Tokugawa out of it. In "Dancing Queen" though, it's shown that the suit can disassemble itself at Ray's command.
    • However, this may be a feature Ray added to his second suit because of this particular situation.
  • Nate says that the United States won't exist for another 200 years. However, Nate is trapped in the year 1641, so the formation of the United States of America is actually 135 years away. As a historian, he wouldn't have made this mistake.