Shonda is an artificial intelligence utilized by Anissa Pierce in her apartment and in her car.


When Anissa Pierce moved out of her family home, she moved into an apartment with Shonda as her virtual assistant.[1]

While Grace Choi was attempting to have quality time with Anissa, Shonda alerted them that Anaya was calling on the phone to contact Blackbird. After the conversation, Shonda was told to contact Black Lightning and have him meet her at the Perdi camp.[2]

Grace and Anissa discussed not using Shonda any longer when Grace came home from the hospital after having a coma. Later, Shonda alerted the couple that Mayor Billy Black was at an event without adequate protection, prompting the two to change into Wylde and Blackbird, respectively.[3]

Anissa told Shonda to call 9-1-1 when JJ electrocuted herself in an attempt to regain her powers.[4]


Black Lightning


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