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"Showtime" is the seventh chapter of the comic book series The Flash: Season Zero, and the seventh chapter in the Freak Show arc. It was released digitally on December 1, 2014.


As the S.T.A.R. Labs gang frantically tries to revive Barry, Mr. Bliss' dastardly plan is revealed![1]


After Mr. Bliss had put Barry Allen in to a catatonic state, he lay in a trance on a table in S.T.A.R. Labs. Caitlin and Cisco attempted to wake him up, but to no avail, with Dr. Wells noting that trauma-induced catatonia could last from a few minutes to a few years. Caitlin suggested that she try a psychotropic drug to counteract the effects, despite her uncertainty as to how it would effect him. She was interrupted, however, by Cisco who alerted them to the appearance of Mr. Bliss' circus at the Central City Cougars' game. Wells strongly suggested that the two of them go down to warn everyone before anything could happen. Despite having destroyed the work van, they improvised by using Cisco's tiny car.

On their way to the stadium, Caitlin complained about the hygiene and size of Cisco's car.

At the stadium, half-time commenced. Iris expressed her excitement at the circus, but Eddie was less than thrilled. Iris reasoned that she had watched every episode of Reno 911! with him, so he had to stay as a favour. He retorted that he'd spent just as long online shopping with Iris, but he decided to stay regardless, kissing her as he sat back down.

The circus arrived through a gate. The snake lady asked if what they would be doing was really worth it, but Bliss claimed that the city had to pay for taking away their livelihoods and ruining their lives. He expressed that it was important to him.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Dr. Wells got up from his wheelchair and headed to his secret room, unlocking a hidden compartment of gadgets and picking one from the wall. He used it on Barry, who almost instantly woke up. Barry asked what had happened, as Harrison put the gadget under his jacket and put it down to his regenerative capabilities. He urged that Barry follow after Cisco and Caitlin and hurry to the stadium.

At the stadium, the snake lady queried her partner, Joey Rose, if he'd actually go through with it. Suggesting that he wasn't able to beat them, he'd instead join them. She followed after him on to the field. At the front of them was Mr. Bliss, who announced their brigade. He ended by claiming that they were the happiest show on earth, controlling the audience with his mind. He wished for their undivided attention. Everyone began either fighting or seeing their greatest fears, the latter experienced by Iris and Eddie. All of a sudden, The Flash arrived to help.