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Shuster Mines is an abandoned coal mine in Smallville. Morgan Edge acquired the mine by making a deal with the town of Smallville to retrofit the facility to produce alternate forms of energy.


During Martha Kent's funeral, Sarah Cushing invited Jordan Kent to the bonfire party in the Shuster Mines. There, while they talk, his attraction of her to her becomes overwhelming and he kisses her passionately. Sarah reveals that she has a boyfriend, just as he appears to fight. Jonathan has followed his twin to the party and defends his brother. Other boys join the melee. Suddenly, Jordan's eyes emits heat vision, causing a powerful explosion, which was extinguished by the Smallville Fire Department.[1]

Unearthing X-Kryptonite

During a town meeting, the citizens of Smallville overwhelmingly voted to give Morgan Edge ownership of the mine. Once the acquisition is complete, Edge and his assistant Leslie Larr go to inspect the facility. Larr uses her superhuman strength to unearth a stash of X-Kryptonite which Edge plans to use to create an army.[2]

Days later, Morgan and Leslie greet the new employees; when Lois Lane arrives, Morgan tells Leslie to ignore her. Morgan goes to Lana Lang Cushing and asks her, instead of Kyle, to be in charge of the mining crew.

Meanwhile, John Henry Irons forged two inspector badges so he and Lois could have access to the mines. Inside they stole a sample of X-Kryptonite, but they were seen by Leslie Larr, who began to chase them while firing her heat vision. Irons was able to knock her unconscious and the two escaped.[3]

Leslie sent a small shipment from the mine to see who would follow it.[4]

After the defeat of Tal-Rho, AmerTek was hired to clear the mines of the X-Kryptonite. However, there was a being who was stuck inside the mines. It later got out, after fighting and overpowering Superman.[5]


Superman & Lois

Behind the scenes

  • The name of the mine is a reference to Superman creator Joe Shuster.