The signal watch is a watch used by Superman and Supergirl's allies to contact the superheroes for emergencies.


Superman gave James Olsen the watch just in case he ever got into trouble, so the latter would be able to contact him. James is also able to use the watch to communicate with Supergirl when she is in the field.

When Supergirl was overwhelmed by Reactron, James used the signal watch to summon Superman to National City as backup.[1]

Following Reign's defeat, Alex Danvers gave Ruby Arias a signal watch as a parting gift.[2]

Soon after Eve Teschmacher shot James in his office at CatCo, she activated the signal watch to summon Supergirl as a part of Lex Luthor's scheme.[3]

At some point, Kara gave Alex a signal watch for in case her sister ever needed help. Kara and Alex also arranged a special code between them for whenever the latter uses the signal watch; pressing it once means that Supergirl should come while pressing it twice means that she shouldn't come, because it's a trap.[4]

After Lena Luthor discovered her secret identity, Kara gave her a signal watch to use in emergencies.



Behind the scenes

  • Jimmy Olsen's signal watch was first featured in Action Comics #238 (March, 1958) and was created by Otto Binder and Wayne Boring.


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