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"I know a lot of strange things happen in New Gotham, but a guy made of water? Doesn't make any sense."
Jesse Reese on Silas's abilities[src]

Silas "Slick" Waters was a meta-human from New Gotham City and a henchman hired by Harleen Quinzel. Dinah Lance suggested the nickname "Liquid Guy".


Slick was hired by Harleen Quinzel to steal a truck full of military armor she wanted to use for her plan to take over New Gotham. Assuring her that he could do it asleep. During his attempt, something went wrong and he was captured by Detective Jesse Reese and his two colleagues, Detectives Jack Barnstone and Grace Tanner. At the police station, he attempted to bribe himself free by offering them $30 million, but they refused and handcuffed him to a bench. They left to do paperwork and Slick transformed into water to escape through an air vent. He traveled through the pipes and appeared naked in Harleen Quinzel's shower while she was showering. She became mad, as Slick had been caught, claming that people who work for Harley Quinn don't get caught and hurts him by squeezing his testicles. Slick is afraid of her but she soon calmed down, deciding to give him one more chance.[1]

Slick went after the police officers, killing firstly Barnstone by drowning him somewhere in the city, far away from any water. Some hours later he appeared in the police station as a puddle on the ground and followed Tanner. He turned back to his solid form, surprising her. Before she could do anything, Slick turned his arm and then the rest of his body into water to drown her within a few seconds. He flowed back to Harley, becoming solid in her office again when she wasn't watching. He asked why she was wasting her time as a therapist, with her replying that she loved to create chaos and fear, not expecting him to understand as he regularly turns his brain into water. She instructed him to kill the remaining cop from his arrest, in order for them to continue with their plan. Slick flowed into the pool of the police station's gym that Reese was swimming in. He was talking to Helena Kyle, who was there to warn Reese about Slick. He attacked her after he realized that she knew about his abilities and tried to drown her. While Waters was wrapped around her body, she grabbed a fire-extinguisher and sprayed him after Barbara's advice. The cold substance forced his body to turn back to solid and they continued fighting with their fists. He soon realized that she was too strong for him when he was solid, jumping back into the pool to warm up and vanished. A few seconds later, he jumped out in liquid form and hunted Helena and Reese through the gym. Both hid in the sauna, while Slick followed them in solid form. He tried to enter the sauna as a puddle through the door slot, but shied away because it was too hot for him inside and he feared to evaporate.[1]

Reese punches through Slick's head.png

With no one to stop him, Slick stole the truck he had originally intended. He drove it to a warehouse where his henchmen, police officers who have accepted his bribes, were waiting to offload it. He jumped out of the truck along with the body of the driver he'd drowned, proudly stating that the truck was everything but not waterproof. Helena and Reese soon appeared, and his henchmen began fighting them. Reese attempted to punch Slick, but his fist went right through his liquefied head. Using his liquid form to his advantage, he began to drown Reese. Suddenly, Dinah appeared, helping an overwhelmed Helena by knocking out some henchmen. Overwhelming the remaining one, Helena grabbed a nearby flametrower, boiling the puddle, Slick was in. Slick attempted to reform to his human shape, but remained a liquid. Unable to solidify while he was still boiling, Slick screamed in pain while turning into steam and vanished. He presumably deceased.His fate remained unknown.[1]


Slick was a criminal. He was very arrogant, believing that his powers made him absolutely untouchable and uncapturable. He was also very loyal to Harleen despite her lack of respect for him. Showing that he was willing to do everyhing for money. His lack of intelligence made him also absolutely vunerable to her manipulation.

Powers and abilities


"Waters is no ordinary criminal. He can liquefy. Wherever water can go, he can, too."
Huntress to Jesse Reese[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: From unknown means, Silas's DNA and cells were altered, enabling him to access his new-found powers. Like all metahumans from Earth-203, he was possibly born with his powers.[1]

    Slick in his liquefied form.

    • Liquid transformation/Hydrokinesis: Silas had the ability to turn his entire body or just parts of it into water. This power was controlled by changing his body temperature. Warming up turned him liquid and cooling down turned him solid again. Extreme temperatures forced his body to transform. While in liquid form, Slick was in full control of his "body", able to form and shape into any possible form water could get into. His ability made him invulnerable and immune against any physical harm. He was able to get to any place water was able to get, flowing through pipes, holes, slits and vents, and passing every obstacle. So he is also able to get in and out of locked rooms or places. Making it nearly impossible for others to catch him.[1]


  • Skilled fighter: Slick was shown to be a skilled fighter during his fight with Helena Kyle after she forced his body solid.
  • Enhanched durability: Also he was able to withstand some of her punches without any visible harm.


"It's a temperature thing."
—Helena Kyle[src]
  • Boiling point/Freezing point: Slick, in liquid form, is susceptible to heat beyond the point where his molecules keep cohesion or cold to the point where his molecules bond; in other words, he can be boiled and turned into gas or frozen, causing solidification.[1]


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