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Silas White[1] is the widower of the late Owen, the roommate of Henrii Thomas and Bjorn Moyer[1], and a former inmate of Fort Rozz.


Early life

At some point, Silas married Owen, but Owen was banished to the Phantom Zone. Desperate to be reunited with his husband, Silas created technology over many years that allowed him to enter the dimension to search for his mate. Silas was not successful in his search. At some point, Silas was imprisoned at Fort Rozz.

At some point, Silas left Transilvane and came to Earth where he would rob blood banks in order to eat.[2] On Earth, Silas lived with roommates in their apartment.[3]

Helping the Superfriends

Silas in the Tower.

In mid 2020, Silas was found by the Superfriends as he tried to rob a Luthor Foundation blood bank for sustenance; he tried to escape, even transforming into a bat but was arrested. They asked him for his help in finding Supergirl in the Phantom Zone and rescuing her. Though initially hesitant, Silas was brought to the Tower to create a portal to free Kara but not before warning Alex and the others of the dangers entailing to their endeavor. Namely, he threatened of the horrific beings residing in the Zone which they were likely to unleash upon the Earth by trying to recover Kara from there. J'onn J'onzz was very impatient with Silas, insisting that he sped up his process. Kelly Olsen spoke with Silas and rallied him to help though he was discouraged.

Silas as a phantom.

The attempt was unsuccessful; instead, Phantoms entered the Tower, fought the Superfriends, and were expelled. However, one managed to escape and secretly possessed Silas, following him to his apartment.[2] The phantom attacked him, but after Silas was able to tell the Superfriends of the assault. When the heroes took Silas to the Tower for medical attention, Silas' soul was extinguished from his body and he turned into another phantom.[3] Later, Alex Danvers shattered Prime Phantom's chrysalis; this freed Silas's soul and the souls of all others the phantom—and those it had sired by infecting others—had turned, returning everyone to their normal selves.[4]


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Silas is a mild mannered alien whose tragic past allows him to help the Superfriends with their mission at hand.

Powers and abilities


  • Transilvanian physiology: Silas comes from Transilvane and his Transilvanian physiology gives him a number of abilities very similar to those of Earth's vampires.
    • Bat transformation: Silas can transform into a bat, gaining all of the abilities of the mammal.
    • Superhuman strength: Silas is physically stronger than the average human.



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