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"Silence of the Sonograms" is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninety-fifth episode overall. It aired on August 22, 2021.



The scene opens with Sara finding Bishop on the Waverider after Kayla downloaded him from the cloud to the printer. He guarantees he is simply the last form as his information was debased so on the off chance that she kills him, that is it. He professes to have changed and offers to demonstrate it to her. She places him into the control cell. Sara leaves Spooner responsible for guarding him.

Sara discloses to Ava and Nate that six percent of Bishop is missing in light of the fact that the transfer wasn't done before they annihilated his compound. Ava needs to get inside his psyche to sort out why he's even there. At his home, Constantine awakens on the love seat to discover Zari frowning at him, requesting a clarification for his conduct. He attempts to streamline things with her without any result. Zari goes to Astra and requests her assistance to discover reality and they go to converse with Spooner.

Ava talks with Bishop to attempt to get into his head and he asserts that she and Sara are the nearest thing he has passed on to family. Ava says she gets it and they begin talking. Cleric reveals to Ava that he modified the Avas so they wouldn't become hopelessly enamored and Ava believes that this may be the explanation she's battling to design her wedding. Cleric offers to help, however when that doesn't get her to let him out of regulation, he presents that he can assist with saving Mick from the outsider posterity benefiting from his mind.

Zari asks Spooner what occurred at the Fountain of Imperium however Spooner can't recall what occurred. She says there is a clear spot in her memory, similar to somebody has put a spell on her. Ava appears at take over for Spooner and she goes off with Astra and Zari. Diocesan, having caught Spooner conversing with individuals then, at that point discloses to Ava that he could possibly help Constantine, as well.

Somewhere else, Constantine is most certainly not progressing nicely. He's seeing his dim self who insults him that he can't move beyond his dependence on the elixir that gives him sorcery. Dim Constantine reveals to him that he won't ever be freed of him since he is him.

Ava has Gideon examine Bishop's hereditary code while Ava keeps on chatting with him. She imparts to him her wedding arranging fastener and he begins offering her guidance. She begins to blow a gasket that she's peculiar and asks her for what valid reason he made her that way. He reveals to her that while he planned her, she made herself. He likewise reveals to her he's been cloned more than 200 times. He discloses to Ava that what was absent from him before was modesty. As they keep on visiting, he uncovers that he realizes Sara is watching them talk thus Ava winds down the feed. Ava and afterward Bishop then, at that point dance, however Ava becomes enthusiastic and escapes the room.

Sara discovers Ava to converse with her. Not set in stone that Bishop is human and Ava says she believes that Bishop truly needs to become more acquainted with them and thinks of them as family. Sara says that is his point, yet Ava differs and discloses to her it's not generally about her.

Astra utilizes wizardry to get into Spooner's memory to perceive what occurred at the Fountain and they find that the Fountain considered Constantine wasn't commendable. Astra says they presently need to sort out the thing he's been dosing himself with before they do whatever else. Zari goes to talk with Constantine and he proceeds to not come clean with her, yet he reveals to her that he adores her. She advises him to go bring down and rest before she leaves.

Alone once more, Constantine's dull self keeps on torturing him and discloses to him that Zari swiped his vial of elixir from him. Astra discloses to Zari and Spooner that it's really blood and that Constantine has taken advantage of some dim and risky sorcery. Zari gives him a final proposal, her or the blood, and he gets the blood at first, however discards the vial. He reveals to Zari he's heartbroken and that he thought he had control of it. He then, at that point says he will secure himself his home to detox and Zari goes with him.

Mick begins having awful migraines and Gary clarifies that he's in the process of giving birth, which he portrays as a long and incredibly agonizing experience. Mick begins to freeze since he didn't join to be a single parent and he discloses to Gary he can be the infants' guardian.

Sara apologizes to Ava, for Bishop and about arranging the wedding. Ava clarifies that she has no clue about how she should feel since she has had no instances of what having genuine feelings resemble in light of the fact that she never had a family to cherish her. She has questions that she can cherish her very own group. Sara consoles her. As they understand that the entirety of the thoughts Bishop recommended are actually what Sara would have picked, Ava understands that the missing six percent of Bishop have been supplanted with Sara and he abrogates the Waverider.

As Mick's work advances, his hair begins dropping out and fluid beginnings overflowing from his ear. They wheel Mick to the medications cove, yet Bishop secures the passage. He's attempting to get to Mick and Sara goes to battle him. They begin to battle while Mick is experiencing in the prescription sound alone as Gary is caught outside of it. He shoots Sara and gets into the room with Mick so he can take the children. Mick's outsider conveyance starts and Bishop begins gathering the eggs, yet directly as Spooner sees up to impact down out, he opens it and presents to the group the "most current Legends".

Priest requests to return to his cell, however despite the fact that he behaves like he's grieved and truly is there to help, he took something from Mick's ear, something that resembles his communicator gadget. Ends up, the beverage he recommended for Mick to "feed" the infants was really to prompt work so he could take said communicator.

Zari and Constantine talk and he discloses to her that he doesn't have the foggiest idea why he is without enchantment, yet says that on the off chance that she'll have him, when they overcome this, he needs to be with her. Zari leaves to go get tea, however while she's gone, Bishop utilizes the communicator to converse with Constantine, revealing to him that he can assist him with getting his force back. Constantine takes his communicator out, however soon enough sees his Dark self once more. Constantine attempts to say that he's finished with wizardry and his Dark self, however Dark Constantine assaults him. Dull Constantine takes the communicator from the waste and leaves a gravely harmed Constantine the vial of blood which he drinks. Constantine then, at that point consents to converse with Bishop.



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  • The episode title is a reference to the novel The Silence of the Lambs, which is about an FBI agent who forms a relationship with an imprisoned psychopath in order to predict another killer's attacks, similar to how in this episode Ava attempts to connect with the imprisoned Bishop in an attempt to deduce his ulterior motive.
    • The word "Sonograms" in the title refers to Mick's pregnancy and the birth of his and Kayla's 48 children.
  • This is the first episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow to not feature Shayan Sobhian (Behrad Tarazi) after being promoted to a series regular.
  • This episode was originally intended to be the season finale of Season 6.[1]
  • While fighting Bishop, Sara remarks that "destiny is so last season," referring to how the Legends faced the threat of the Loom of Fate.
    • This also references the fact that Sara was revealed to be the Paragon of Destiny shortly before that season.
  • Bishop reveals he has transferred his consciousness from clone to clone over 200 times, meaning he may have lived for centuries. Ironically, the first main antagonist of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Vandal Savage, was a similarly long-lived and manipulative villain who believed his methods would save humanity, and also had long hair and a beard.
  • John Constantine's demons manifested by the blood vial's withdrawal symptoms is a possible reference to Demon Constantine from Hellblazer, an evil doppelganger created using John Constantine's evil aspects, Nergal's blood, and Aleister Crowley's soul.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as "Adam Tsekham".
  • The nasal and ear canals aren't actually directly connected to the cranial cavity; solid bone saparates both from the brain. This is a very common mistake made in fiction.