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An unnamed woman, nicknamed "Silver Girl" by Felicity Smoak, is a vigilante who was spotted after Genesis Day in Star City.


Some time after Genesis, the unemployed woman began her vigilante antics, initially creating a partnership with Jeff Hersh. Her identity was researched by Felicity Smoak.[1]


  • Balaclava: Usually wearing street clothes, Silver Girl uses a balaclava to conceal her identity.[1]
  • Baseball bat: Silver Girl was seen using a baseball bat in her vigilante patrols.[1]



Season 5[]


Felicity's vigilante files

Felicity's files on Silver Girl and Mr. Ski Goggles.

  • While there are no characters named "Silver Girl" in the DC comics, character shows more than a passing resemblance with Virago, an inexperienced vigilante garbed in a silver costume, who had appeared on the pages of Green Arrow Vol. 3 and was co-created by Kevin Smith. As Virago was killed by Onomatopoeia in her first appearance, she was mainly seen on computer screens later, as in Silver Girl's appearance on the show.


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