Simcron Labs is a biotechnology company located in New Gotham City.


Simcron, who placed bio-chips in its employees, was tasked by Harleen Quinzel with genetically creating a baby that would act as a short-lived mercenary. Guy was the successful product of this.

A lab assistant stole the experimental prototype baby from the lab and eventually Dr. Melfin was called by Barbara Gordon to return the child because Melfin promised that he could cure the baby's meta-human power. However, it was a ruse to get the child to Harleen by the child's creator.

Melfin held Dinah Redmond at gunpoint, threatening to shoot her point-blank in the head, for the baby's return when Helena Kyle arrived and fought him and Harleen's mercenaries. Suddenly, Guy, considerably aged, entered and killed Melfin.

Later, Harleen arrived and took from Melfin's pocket a controller for Guy's emotions.[1]

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