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"So, you're the Arrow. I thought you'd be taller."
—Simon Lacroix to the Arrow[src]

Simon Lacroix, known under the codename Komodo, is a mercenary archer. He was believed to have killed Sara Lance, but had an alibi proving that he was in Blüdhaven at the time of her murder in Star City. However, Lacroix did kill several civilians in Star City under contract.


Early life[]

Komodo's file

Komodo's file.

Simon Lacroix was born in Sainte-Sophie, Quebec, raised by his single mother.

At some point, Simon became a mercenary known as "Komodo", wanted for murder in 7 countries. Despite being a fugitive mercenary, he still managed to keep in touch with his mother.[1]

Starling City activities[]

Simon was hired by an unknown client whose aim was to eliminate several businessmen in Star City. The Arrow and his team got in a confrontation with Simon when trying to stop his killing spree. He was also initially believed by Team Arrow to be responsible for Sara Lance's murder.

Oliver talks Laurel out of killing Simon Lacroix

The Arrow talks Laurel out of killing Simon Lacroix.

Simon went kill his final target, Ray Palmer, in Palmer Technologies, but was prevented from doing so by the Arrow. When interrogated about Sara's murder, Simon maintained his innocence and stated he was in Blüdhaven at the time of her death, which was proven correct. Afterwards, Simon was presumably arrested and sent to Iron Heights.[1]


Simon is a ruthless mercenary who is willing to kill anyone solely for money. He seemed to take great pride in the quality his work, as he even tracked down one of his surviving targets to the hospital to finish him off. While he didn't kill Sara Lance, Simon admitted he would have confessed if he had done so, proving that he likes to brag about his assassinations.

Despite his immorality, Simon has his own personal code of honor of sorts; for example, he did not kill Laurel Lance when she confronted him, despite having an opportunity to do so. Furthermore, in all of his confrontations against the Arrow and Arsenal, Simon only used enough violence to create a window of escape and did not want to engage the vigilantes, indicating he doesn't kill anyone who gets between him and his targets.

Simon is genuinely close to his mother, as he frequently calls her despite his status as a wanted man.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a highly skilled mercenary, Simon is in top physical condition.
  • Master archer: Simon is a highly proficient archer, able to kill several targets with single precision shots, even whilst in motion. Komodo's victims include John Burke, Tim Kaufman, and Erlich Kelso, notably shooting the last man from a considerable distance. His skills even allowed him to defeat the Arrow during their first confrontation, managing to outshoot the vigilante and knock the latter off his motorcycle with a single shot.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Simon is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, he also used his bow as a striking weapon, similarly to other archers. Simon was able to fight on par against the Arrow, and was even able to fend off both the Arrow and Arsenal simultaneously long enough to escape.
  • Expert driver: Simon is a skilled biker, while driving his motorcycle he was able to fight the Arrow, who also drove a motorcycle; on equal footing and even managed to win in the end.


  • Carbon fiber longbow: Simon as Komodo, uses as his weapon of choice a carbon fiber long bow combined with his arrows to kill his targets, like Oliver, Simon also uses it as an improvised quarterstaff.
  • Customized hunting arrows: Like Oliver, Simon uses customized arrows.
  • Trick arrows: Like Oliver, Simon uses trick arrows such as rope tying arrows that, can tie around a person's legs, and hang that person upside down.
  • Komodo suit: Simon wears a protective suit as his villain alter-ego, Komodo, to hide his identity from his victims, when he is out on an assignment.
    • Komodo mask: Simon wears a mask as his villain alter-ego, Komodo, to hide his identity from his victims, when he is out on an assignment.
  • Quiver: Simon has a black/brown arrow container, to carry his arrows with him, as his villain alter-ego, Komodo.
  • Motorcycle: As Komodo, Simon uses a motorcycle to get to his targets faster.



Season 3[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the New 52, Simon Lacroix was a protégé of Robert Queen, Oliver Queen's father, until he betrayed and killed him, trying to attain enlightenment for himself by gaining the fabled "Arrow totem". Simon's skills in archery and unarmed combat surpasses that of Green Arrow's, and he still has considerable marksmanship skills even after being blinded in one eye. He was also the adoptive father of Emiko Queen, who killed him when she learned the truth about her birth father, Robert.
    • In the Arrowverse, Simon's skills in archery and unarmed combat are equal to Oliver's.


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