Simon Stagg was the CEO of Stagg Industries. Although he had built a careful reputation and facade as a philanthropist, Stagg appeared to be driven by ambition and greed in almost equal measure. Stagg was fascinated by "the man in the red mask", and his potential implications for humanity, though this fascination eventually led to his death.


Stagg attended Central City University in his youth.[1]

Attack by Danton Black

Simon was being honoured at Stagg Industries for his work in organ transference, being named man of the year by Central City University. He thanked everyone and began to leave, refusing to give Iris West a quote for her article. A squad of men stormed the event with guns, looking for Simon, however he'd already left. Sometime later, Detectives West and Thawne came to Stagg, asking about a potential suspect of theirs, Danton Black, though he claimed that Black was merely a biogeneticist, not a killer. As he farewelled the detectives, the group of men appeared again; and unbeknownst to Stagg, they were in fact all Danton Black and his clones. He was rushed off by Thawne, though West was shown the true nature of their identities shortly after. Following their encounter, Joe urged reconsidering protective custody, though Stagg reassured that he'd upped his security. He greeted Harrison Wells, who'd arrived, sarcastically suggesting not to get up for him, and returned back to Stagg Industries. Later that night he finally came face to face with Danton. Before he could be shot, Barry Allen, in his suit, sped through, grabbed him and told him to stay in his office. Barry ultimately beat Black by accidentally allowing him to fall out of the building. Simon sat in his office through the night, when he was visited by Dr. Wells. They began discussing Simon's savior, as if he was "Mercury on earth". Simon Stagg suggested that there were possible major implications if they could find and harness the man's power. However, wishing to protect the man who would come to be known as "The Flash", Harrison stood up from his wheelchair and stabbed Stagg, killing him.[1]


Simon was arrogant, selfish, greedy, and power-hungry, he was known to steal people's research, or take credit for their work; because of this he had been sued at least 20 times. He was also a liar; when Joe West asked him why he was being sued, he said that they were jealous of his work. Although most of the public sees him as a philanthropist or a humanitarian, he was none of those things. When Simon discovered the existence of The Flash, he planned to exploit Barry's powers; this attempt was what led to his death at the hands of Harrison Wells.


The Flash

Season 1


  • In the DC comics, Simon Stagg is the amoral founder and CEO of Stagg Enterprises/Industries and a minor villain. He is notable for being the man responsible for the creation of the superhero Metamorpho, The Element Man. He acts as Metamorpho's archenemy.


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