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For other uses of "Sins of the Father", see Sins of the Father (disambiguation).

"Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption" is the tenth episode of the first season of Black Lightning, and the tenth episode overall. It aired on March 27, 2018.




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Thunder investigates Peter Gambi's tip about the abducted children from thirty years ago and finds a facility with them suspended in some type of hibernation. She brings Black Lightning to the facility to free them, but finds that all the tanks have been removed.

Two-Bits watches as one of Jefferson's students takes Green Light and develops powers, only to be instantly taken away by government agents. He seeks out Jefferson and informs him of what he saw.

Lala begins to see Will, and ends up with his face tattooed on his chest next to Lawanda White. Lala begins taking control of The 100 and wants to sell traditional drugs on the streets while planning to get his revenge on Tobias Whale.

While investigating Jennifer Pierce's powers, Lynn Stewart discovers that her electrical powers are different to Jefferson's. While Jefferson is a battery that can manipulate surrounding energy, Jennifer can actually create it.

Martin Proctor kidnaps Peter Gambi and proceeds to torture him, demanding the identity of Black Lightning. Knowing of Peter's relationship with Jefferson, they kidnap him as well to force Gambi to talk, unaware that he is Black Lightning. Jefferson causes a momentarily power failure, allowing Gambi to surprise and kill the A.S.A. agents.

The Pierce family head to Alvin Pierce's old house to hide out. While recovering from his ordeal, Gambi tells Jefferson that he needs to find the new A.S.A. spotter in the neighborhood who is on the lookout for metahuman children.

Proctor oversees the relocation of the stasis pods and has deduced that Jefferson is Black Lightning since the coincidence of his arrival and the power failure is too good to be true. Kara Fowdy, Garfield High School's Vice-Principal is revealed to be the new A.S.A. spotter, and she cannot believe Jefferson is Black Lightning.




  • The episode was previously titled "Sins of the Father".[1]
  • A real-life case of children being abducted from the Atlanta area, is the Atlanta Monster case, where Wayne Williams allegedly kidnapped and murdered multiple children.